WHEELCHAIRS AGAINST GUNS is a org. of disabled individuals who suffer from disabilities due to gun violence. W.A.G’s mission is to bring awareness to the preservation of the life and the future of our inner city youth, through thorough research, detailed, effective information on prevention and our personal testimonies.  

W.A.G is an organization of disabled men and women, who are geared to bring awareness of the consequences of guns, beside jail and death and the strong negative presence it has in our communities. Our organization will targets schools, group homes, after school programs, community center and jails to share our personal testimonies of violence, and the drastic effect it has left on our lives. Our personal stories detail the horrific and life altering effects gun violence can cause. Told from two stand points; our stories are both a scare tactics and cautionary stories of the life the youth of today yearn to live. By bringing this awareness of the other side of guns, we hope to save at least one child from, joining a gang, picking up a gun, or running the streets. We will teach the kids that gun violence affects more then, their intend target, and how they can also become confined to a wheelchair like many of us in W.A.G. Though we mostly educate the youth, W.A.G supports adults as well. W.A.G believes in the preservation or life.

They are currently raising money for this organization.  If you would like to support please visit their donation page on GOFUNDME.com

Find  W.A.G Online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WheelchairsAgainstGunns/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wag_kareem

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