New Year. New You.

Or how about New Year. Same You. Only better!

Some of you may be knee deep in resolutions. Some of you may be an anti-resolution kinda person.

No matter what you chose to do at the beginning of the year, I have one thing to tell you.

Whatever you are doing — it means something to someone!

If you write a letter today — when the recipient receives your note, it will be JUST the thing they needed.

When you let someone go in front of you in line — it’s like being picked first in grade school for dodge ball.

Smiling at a random stranger — will change the course of their entire day. For the good.

Telling a loved one, “I love you” — Is always very thing they needed to hear at that moment.

Picking up the phone and calling a friend — heals your heart and lets them know you care. Just listen.

Forgiving what/who needs to be forgiven — is powerful and is needed to move past this moment right now.

Everything you do has more meaning than you think. From the moment you wake up until the second you fall into a slumber, what you do — means something. Know that.

You might never know the full impact of what you do.

What matters is that you are helping.

What matters is that you keep going.

You mean something.

You mean something to someone.

You are something.


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Sang D.

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