2015 IS ALL ABOUT LETTING THE LOVE OVERFLOW IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE!!! This is the season of abundance and manifestation.  It is the season of letting go of every burden and stepping into your purpose with your shoulders back and your head held high.  GET EXCITED ABOUT ALL THAT IS ON THE HORIZON!
To show how enthused we are about the next level of your life, we are supporting our sisters that are organizing a FABULOUS EVENT called Faithing Your Blueprint: Living the Abundant Life on January 31, 2015!  This is the first of a series of events that will provide attendees with the tools needed to live a faith-based life. If you will be in Atlanta, GA or the surrounding areas, you do not want to miss what we have in store!
Attendees can expect a POWERFUL panel discussion on faith and how to apply it to your life in order to reap a bountiful harvest, raffle prizes, a Faithing Your Vision workshop, a special musical performance by Casme (www.casmelive.com), special invited guests, and so much more!
We Want You To Go So Badly We Are Hosting A Giveaway!!!  Here is how to enter a for a chance to win a ticket to this INSPIRATIONAL event!

The Rules And Thangs:

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That’s all you have to do!!!
Giveaway runs Monday January 19, 2015 through Monday January 26, 2015  Winner announced Tuesday January 27, 2015

Please share this awesome event and get tickets!!! The ticket price is $10.00 (to include brunch) with a $1.54 Eventbrite processing fee. Tickets are limited! Don’t delay, get yours today!

I invite you to learn more about these wonderful women and the energies behind this amazing event!  Read more below:

Faithing Your Blurprint


Tamala: Who are the women behind Faithing Your Blueprint and how do you all know each other?
Glenys:  The women behind Faithing are Jamie Fleming-Dixon, Talia Hill and myself, Glenys Clarice. Jamie and I met via social media. Twitter to be exact a couple of years ago and Talia and I met at an event in 2013. Both ladies expressed their interest to me in collaborating on an event and so I thought what better way to create something powerful than bringing everyone together. We scheduled a conference call and the rest is history. 
What inspired this event and what can people expect to experience at the event?
The inspiration behind this event is to show how powerful faith really is. Faith is the foundation upon which we build our lives and we want to show both men and women how faith can be the very thing that turns your life around.
What does it mean to faith your blueprint?
Simply put…to BELEIVE in the promises of God, knowing that they will manifest if you remain faithful in your walk with Him.
Why do you feel there is a need for something like this?
We each have a responsibility to each other to empower each other and there is not a day that goes by where we don’t need  support or encouragement. What we have created will be a series of events that will provide attendees with what they need to live a life of faith to reap a bountiful harvest.
What is the overall goal or takeaway that you would like attendees to walk away with?
Feeling that they can do and have anything according to the will of God. The word freedom comes to mind. When you live your life by faith, relying on God, you are free to live your life without any worries or concerns, because you know without a doubt that God will provide your every need and give you the desires of your heart.
Any last thoughts you wish to share?
We are God’s creation. This realization should empower everyone, knowing that the power he used to raise Jesus from the grave, lives within us. Knowing this, tells us that we have the power to co-create and live the lives we desire, according to the will of God.

About The Organizers

Me GCGlenys Clarice is an author and spiritual advisor who has a passion for using her gift of empowerment to inspire others. Glenys bright spirit is the key to her gift of inspiration; a gift she shares openly with others.  Glenys“… is a first-class professional that knows what to say and how to say it to make a difference in people’s lives.” says one business associate. Glenys credits her inspiration to the simple things in life and to those she continues to meet along her life’s journey.  The Southern native and woman on the go has big plans and continues to set high standards to achieve the results that count. To work with Glenys, request an interview, hosting, or speaking engagements, please contact glenys@glenysclarice.com.

1962699_311450119052845_5943380364521779714_nJamie Fleming-Dixon,  As an inspirational blogger, freelance writer, and speaker, Jamie Fleming-Dixon’s calling is to encourage and inspire women to live their most fabulous lives, however they define it. She is founder of She Runs It, a blogazine for women entrepreneurs of color and writes about spirituality, motivation, and people doing amazing things. Visit Jamie online at InspiredByJamie.com.

imageTalia N. Hill, Atlanta born native, is an aspiring actress who is literally gracing the independent industry both on stage and in film with her profound essence and natural acting abilities. Talia commands value in being a uniquely creative individual thriving off of spirituality, inspiration, and the creative arts. Owning her divine intent, it is her gift as a reasonable service to share her own message of pain and purpose through her calling for change and empowerment to induce self-love, healing, and prosperity in to the lives of young and old women alike across the world.

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Tamala Baldwin

We are all born with incredible gifts and my purpose is to help as many along this journey of mine to remember their position of honor and royalty through inspirational, Christian-based media.
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