All Good Things Will Come To Pass In God’s Divine Timing

Whether we choose to admit it or not, the Divine constantly communicates with us. It is so comforting to know that something tremendously greater than our bodies is actively co-creating with us, ensuring that we go up a little bit higher in our consciousness and awareness. One of the most beautiful ways we know God is with us is when we are blessed with a vision.. some magnificent idea.

Perhaps you have these colorful and tremendous aspirations dancing all around your mind; and maybe… the idea of actualizing the vision in the real world has given you a new-found sense of purpose. The great dream of adding something so filled with Light that will benefit so many people motivates you to leap out of the bed with a little more pep in your step each morning or it drives you to stay up way pass your curfew at night. Before you close your eyes at night… with your dreams at the forefront of your mind, you pray the God provide the way to make it all happen.

When God touches your heart with a piece of your future, you wake up with the dawn of the new day filled with so much hope and life.

But when we can’t see the pieces coming together accordingly, we  begin to wonder if God will come through. We begin to question whether supernatural doors will open, providing us with safe passage to make all of our hopes and dreams come true, or will these dream that fill us with such joy and life be the only reward.

During these moments of doubt that threaten to dim the light in your heart, listen to part of you that is Higher when it says, “In God’s Divine Timing.”

My goodness this has been the message for 2014 and since we are the same… brothers and sisters of the same Tree.. the same Body, I feel a responsibility to tell you this message. Hold on to the spark, the vision and honor the part of you that knows all good will come to pass in God’s Divine Timing.

I know it’s so HARD to fully embrace that statement.  The inner child that I know TOO WELL throws herself on the ground in a slight temper tantrum, kicking up her feet… flaying this way and that because she don’t want to hear all that… Divine Timing. But again.. we are not going to do as I do.. LOL

Never ever give up on the vision and the glimpses that were sent to you from On High. Regardless of your circumstances and challenges, hold on to the sunshine of your God-given dreams no matter what. Do not swing back and forth between faith and doubt; rather remain anchored in your aspirations of your ideal future no matter what comes.. no matter what you see.. no matter what anyone says to you.

Now let’s keep it real with one another…. In those moments when we receive a message from God about what is to come, even when we are knee deep in POOP there is a part of us that never FULLY discredits the Word. Even in the midst of the storm, when we KNOW something Divinely Inspired has left a footprint on our minds and hearts, we can never become entirely discouraged… something inside of us simply won’t allow us to fully let go of the vision.. to fully release the hope of our beautiful dream.

This is such a wonderful gift and privilege but our human brains will want to busy itself and question whether our dreams were designed to come fruition. Our minds go even further into a frenzy when we see all that which we desire slip through our fingers; it becomes a matter of time before our thoughts question whether we should simply give up hope. However, wouldn’t a healthier and more POSITIVE train of thought be one that says, “….. hmmm Maybe God is setting everything up so wonderfully just for ME and everyone involved… and it will all come to pass at a better and more appropriate time?”


We have to aim HIGHER with every thought that enters our mind, especially when it comes to our dreams and visions given to our by our Creator.

If we try for a moment to see things the way God sees things we KNOW that nothing is impossible.. not ever. I’ve mentioned repeatedly over the past month that God is not a human being that will deceive you. When the Greatest King says that “this” shall come to pass, then what in the WORLD could ever, ever, ever get in the way? We are beings that are designed to evolve and grow, and part of that means we will be put into situations that will stretch us… and being stretched doesn’t always feel good. There will be challenges, confusions, mistakes and unforeseeable obstacles that may seem to interfere with reaching your God-given ideal, but what are these in the presence of the Great I Am?

We live in a world that when things don’t seem to be unfolding accordingly, we give up on our prayer.. we give up on the vision because of what it looks like.  My question to you is, why go by what it looks like and not what God said? When we take this position, it no longer becomes a question of having hope or no hope based on the external. If God said it, it will come to pass in Divine Timing and the secret is that, God is waiting for you to be worthy of your prayer.

Oh snap!! Yeah I said it… God is waiting for you to be worthy of that which you desire and I’ll talk more about it tomorrow. In the meantime, hold on to the vision and the Word God spoke over your life. Trust that God is able to do all things and it will all come to pass in Divine Timing. God will never lie to you.. not ever.

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Tamala Baldwin

We are all born with incredible gifts and my purpose is to help as many along this journey of mine to remember their position of honor and royalty through inspirational, Christian-based media.
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