This week is all about LOVE!  We are hosting our third #YouMatter Tweet Chat tonight (11/5 at 9PM EST) that is centered around self worth and love, so it is only fitting that I dive more into the topic.  You should TOTALLY join us if you’re free.  All you have to do is follow @SoulKissesTV and join in on the conversation.  Now as I sit on my bed at the crack of dawn, I am consumed with a state of gratitude for the wonderful love I feel at this moment.  Yesterday I wrote about the importance of giving love to everyone you meet and see with all of your heart and soul, because it is through Love that we ascend to new heights.  Believing this to be true, I made a conscious effort to give love to everyone and everything that crossed my path today.  

Visualizing is something I love to incorporate into my meditations.  Some people meditate on a word, a color, a sound… my thing is visualizing and I honestly believe it’s because it feels like playing make believe.  I have such a childlikeness about me that it’s even apparent in my bloody meditations… I enjoy visualizing because it feels like playing make believe.  I mean that in all seriousness.  Isn’t that funny? LOL Jeez… 

Anyhoot, I thought about my previous note and said, I am going to visualize sending LOVE to everyone and everything all day today. 

Let me tell you… my little experiment was  GREAT!  STUPENDOUS! INCREDIBLE!

 I was driving in my car and as I drove down the street, I imagined this pink light surrounding me spreading out and touching every single car in front, behind and on the side of me.  I imagined this pink light embracing the people on the street and dancing up every building and wrapping it with love.  The trees were my favorite.  I imagined my pink light of love hugging the trees and in turn, I imagined them bowing or waving to me… sort of like they were coming alive similar to the way they came to life in Lord of the Rings.  AS YOU CAN SEE, I HAD THE MOST FUN playing make believe with my pink light of love.

Aside for me entertaining myself, the response was DYNAMITE.  I would catch people looking at me and smiling.. almost as if waiting for me to say hello.  I can only assume they felt the pink light of love radiating from me to them and just wanted to smile.  But what is most important, I have felt high… I remember feeling almost drunk…. minus the nausea. 

YES!! I FELT DRUNK IN LOVE!!!   And not the love that stems from the touch of a man though we all know how nice that can me… YES CHILD! LOL…  But I digress. :)  I wasn’t drunk in love from receiving something tangible like a job or money etc.  My giddy butt was drunk in love because I was immersed in this …. I am not even sure what to call it.  This pure, unattached, divine love that consumed me from my head to my feet.  And you know what?  The only reason I felt so DRUNK was because I was giving it out to everyone that crossed my PATH.  In order for me to visualize this outpour of love, it had to come from above, flow through ME then pour out to the world.  It was the only way I could “give it”.. it had to first come through me .. and gee whiz, what a state of BLISS!  

Seriously, I stood up and danced by myself at a Starbucks because I simply couldn’t CONTAIN my joy… this ecstasy I felt.  I can’t wait to wake up in a few hours and do this all over again… in part because it was so HEALING!! 

This love I felt… this love I tapped in to… is that true heavy, spiritual love that expects to gain nothing.  When I visualized my pink light of love spreading everywhere, there was no motive aside for simply giving the best of what I have away… which is love.  It was not emotional sentiment but came from the depths of my soul.  This is the real stuff right here! 

Pure love from the soul loves because it is its Nature and must do what it was designed to do.. which is love.  It loves because it is its very purpose for being and could not stop loving without ceasing to be.  And it could never cease to exist because this pure real love is love that eternal love.  With that being said,  this pure love… this true love… this real love of the soul is one of the highest energies in all of the world; no universe.  It is a power that is capable of all things because it is all things. 

When you are in touch with a love of this kind… this strong, infinite, indomitable, everlasting love that is also perfectly sweet, warm and tender… it gives so much!  It brings a joy beyond anything you could imagine and lifts you to such a state of beauty that it feels as if you have been transported to heaven.  Personally, the higher and higher we tap into this pure love, the closer we are being able to love as God does. 

Pure love is a child of the light.  

Pure love radiates. 

Where love is, there is light.

There is nothing that exists that won’t be blessed by the presence of such pure love, including the Self.  The beautiful soul that constantly lives in this space, in this spirit of LOVE always will taste the wonders of heaven here on Earth.  The splendor that awaits the soul that gives this pure love in abundance and without prejudice.  This is the best that any of us can offer the world.  In turn, the world will reciprocate with kindness,.  Blessings of all sorts will touch every area of life in greater and greater propensities.  Life will become the best that God and man can provide, because a soul that gives pure love has given the best there is without ceasing… without limitation and without expectation. 

With all of that being said, I dare you… no I double dare you to visualize pink power love touching everyone and everything that crosses your path today.  Do it without want for anything in return.  Do it freely and lightheartedly.  Let me know how you feel in a few hours :) I dare ya…. 

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