Yesterday I wrote about Giving It To God and the message is one that I am focused on in my own spiritual journey so much that I am compelled to write on the matter a little bit more.  So here it goes… :)

We are SPIRITUAL GIANTS in a teeny, tiny vessel and being that we are creative beings, our desire to create or to give greater expressions of ourselves is our purpose for being.  What I mean is that we have a consistent desire  to do more – to create great things.. to experience great things.  It is in this yearning to BE MORE that we stumble.

We have so many things we want to manifest in the time we have been given and there comes a time when we allow ourselves to feel frustrated when we can’t read the signs as to what steps to take clearly.  We ask ourselves do we take a step now or do we wait.  It’s during these moments of doubt that we should realize that there is a POWER that does know the answer – that will order our footsteps if we Give It To HIM.

When we give all of our desires to the Great I AM something will happen to delay our greatest desire, if that is best, or the complete opposite… a speedy new beginning, again if that is best.  KNOW that GOD operates at a level so much HIGHER than our own so when things don’t happen the way WE want, KNOW that God is giving us what is BEST!  When it’s all said and done, when we see how delightfully all things worked out for the absolute BEST, our hearts will dance… our souls will smile and we will be so very very glad for everything, especially for those moments in doubt where we stood firm and said “I Give It To God.”

We are never ever alone but there are moments where we feel absolutely disconnected from everything.  There are times where we feel as if the entire world has turned their back against us and we question why we are even here… the purpose of it all.  Never for a second allow yourself to stay in these lowly places because there is always a path to freedom if you Give it to God.

Give It To God.  Pretend I’m shaking you right now… I am shaking this truth into myself but if I can help someone ELSE… what a gift. GIVE IT TO GOD and BE FREE!

When we Give It To God, it has to be done with all the love and power that exists with us.  Giving it to God must be done with such absolute faith and heart of the soul.  It is here that we make room to allow God to work for us, though us and around us… ensuring that the absolute BEST comes to pass.  We are in God and God is in us and the Infinite is always waiting to give us our hearts desire but we have to be OPEN to such grace.  This grace happens when we humble ourself completely and Give It To God.

Once we Give It To God with all the goodness that pulses through every cell we have to BELIEVE that what we give to our Maker will be done in the most wonderful of ways.  When we truly Give It To God we must rest assured that when God takes over, every trace of anxiety, hurt, or pain is wiped away.  The Greatest King never brings that which is not of him.  God is GOOD!  God is GOOD and it is the will of God that we are MORE than okay.  Our God designed us to achieve things greater than our minds are even capable of even imagining right now.  The ways of the Greatest King do not lead into darkness or that which is less than, but always into greater freedom, greater good, greater power, greater joy.  So KNOW that God is always working to bring things together for your greater good… just Let Go and Give It To God

When we Give It To Go know with every fiber of your being that only that which is wrong and painful will be removed and that which is beautiful, noble, right and good will be multiplied again and again and again, in ever increasing measure.  When we Give It To God our job is to leave it … whatever it is … we position ourselves to receive the Kingdom that is already ours because We are in God and God is in us.


All the things that we want turned around, adjusted and perfected must be simply Given To God.  My prayer is that we all free ourselves from limitation, lack and mental turmoil by Giving It To God because once we release the sun shines… the best comes… our Kingdom above manifests here and now.

When we surrender to God our wildest dreams come more… no, Greater things happen when we Give It To God.  I mean, how it could be any other way?   God is one of increase and ascension so when we give all things to our Father, trust, believe and have faith that the end will be infinitely more than what we could have wished for.

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Tamala Baldwin

We are all born with incredible gifts and my purpose is to help as many along this journey of mine to remember their position of honor and royalty through inspirational, Christian-based media.
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