You are made from Love.  You come from Love.  You are surrounded and immersed in Love.  Our environment or our conditions can create the illusion that this is not the case, but there is an abundance of Love charging through every cell of our body.  The Omnipresent Creator of the moon and the stars sends angels to watch over your every move throughout all your days.  It beautifully states in Psalm 91: 10-12 that “No evil will befall you, Nor will any plague come near your tent. 11For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. 12They will bear you up in their hands, That you do not strike your foot against a stone.”  The capacity to which you are Loved can never be fully conceptualized by our minds… the Love that which we spring from is that tremendous.

Knowing our true nature – that we come from Love; were created in Love to do beautiful things with our time here on this abundant Earth – we should try with all of our power to maintain this royal position no matter what comes our way.  Do not diminish who you are when things don’t go your way by forgetting where you come from.  You are Love.

The Greatest Artist that ever was and will ever be created you with the utmost care.  The Most Magnificent Sculpture shaped you purposefully with a Love we will never fully understand.  So never waver from who you are.  You are Love.

So from this day forward remember your identity and where you come from.  “Remove the sting; remove the whine; remove the sigh.”  They are not your friends.  They are not your companions.  They never lead to happiness; and we are all here, breathing, thriving and pushing to gain more and more happiness and to give happiness away in an even greater propensity.

From every word, remove the sting because you are love.  Speak kindly.  Speak in such a way that the sound of your voice is like sweet nectar to the ear.  The ability to speak lovingly and gently to everyone you meet is the mark of a great soul.  It it is your privilege… your natural place to be a great soul.

When you open your mouth to speak, remove the whine or complaint because you a re love.  Speak with happiness and try with all of your might not to complain.  It is so incredibly hard, but the more you complain, the smaller you become, and the fewer will be your friends and opportunities.  All good things accumulate where there is sunshine and light.  Speak in such a way that you attract more and not less.

Speak tenderly, speak sweetly, speak with love.  From all the outpourings of your heart, remove the sigh.  Be happy and joyful always.  Let your soul sing out loud with all of its might, let your heart dance to its own crazy beat, let your soul declare the glory of  its existence, for truly life is beautiful.  You are Love.

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Tamala Baldwin

We are all born with incredible gifts and my purpose is to help as many along this journey of mine to remember their position of honor and royalty through inspirational, Christian-based media.
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