This week is all about LOVE!  We are hosting our third #YouMatter Tweet Chat tonight (11/5 at 9PM EST) that is centered around self worth and love, so it is only fitting that I dive more into the topic.  In my previous post I mentioned that our sole purpose of being here on this planet is to grow into greater and greater states of being.  In other words, you are here to evolve beyond your wildest imagination.

That being the case, it was only natural that I went on and on about how it’s so important to your mind in those lofty places especially during those times of transitions aka things are sorts of jacked up.  You know what I mean!! No matter how hard you try things just aren’t fitting in the grooves.  It’s terribly frustrating especially when it involves other people.  

Being that you are the Light of this world with a soul that wants to perpetually fly to higher and higher heights feel your magical love at all times.  When people do you wrong, love them anyway.  When someone you care about speaks to you harshly, love past it.  Love every single person that has ever been unkind to or has ever mistreated you.  Don’t just say it from your lips rather mean it from the bottom of your heart.  Love those that have done you harm with the every fiber of your being and with the deepest parts of your soul.  When you radiate from this place of superpower love eventually all will be made right again requiring no extra effort from you – just your Love Power.  Furthermore, when you love everyone with all of your heart you attract that love from only the best people and the best conditions. 

When you are hurt… give love.

When you are sad… give love.

When you feel discouraged…give love.

Give love and then give some more love…. and lovely souls will daily come into your atmosphere.  I am so grateful that God has blessed me in such a way that on a constant basis I share space and time with some of the most beautiful souls.  I am sure you can relate to that as well.  It truly is a gift.  When you do come across a personality that is not that pleasing… give them love.  It is through your generosity, your kindness, your graciousness, your smile and your love that they will become better simply because they crossed paths with such an abundant soul.  What a gift you could give to those that need it the most. 

Now I know it’s HARD to love personalities that are difficult and just don’t mesh with yours.  I know it’s HARD to love people that are …. well you get it…. LOL This is why you have to see past the man… past the personality.. the cruddy ego… the body.  The kind of love I have been speaking about is that soul love that connects all of us since we are all the same… branches of the same Tree.  When you give love from this position, you can uplift anyone that comes into your presence!!!  And why wouldn’t you want to uplift someone?  Why wouldn’t you want to give sunshine to someone, even those that hurt you?  People that hurt others are simply broken themselves… so help them with your soul-power love. 

Even when you come across people that you KNOW are full of poop LOL… don’t waiver from your position of love. Don’t even judge them or feel any negative emotion toward their intention.  Rather, feel God holding your right hand and take Him with you… then give them love.  Love them like you’ve never loved anyone before and any kind of discord they may harbor toward you will dissipate into then air and transmute into something good.  

Isn’t that dope?  Isn’t that incredible!  The power of love can change any situation or  condition and every change that comes through love is a change for the better.

Love brings harmony.  Love brings peace.  Love makes everything align.  Love restores all of our relationships and puts everything in its proper place.  Love removes all ungodly feelings.  Love removes barricades, shackles and chains.  The person that lives in love can easily find unity with our Father… our Creator… God, who is nothing but love.

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Tamala Baldwin

We are all born with incredible gifts and my purpose is to help as many along this journey of mine to remember their position of honor and royalty through inspirational, Christian-based media.
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