Season Two Magic Makers

Kat Perez
Kat PerezEditor
Kat is a versatile entertainer hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio who combines her love of music, on-camera acting and modeling into her artistry. She’s also a GREAT editor that hooked us UP this season Thanks for co-creating with
Nehcole Felix
Nehcole FelixCo-Producer
This woman is a rock-star that enhances any team she joins.  A stellar background in Account Management and co-owner of Two Fat Kids. She is a mother, a sister and also one of my best friends. Thank you for loving me always.
Kimberly Clark
Kimberly ClarkAdvice Columnist
Kimberly’s motto is to “Live everyday like a FABULOUS Party.” She’s the CEO of a lifestyle boutique where they handle the details, the drezrehersal, the I Do’s, and a glam array of specialty services that include Branding & Public Relations.
Dejanae Wortham
Dejanae WorthamContributor
2009 Psych graduate from UCSB, Dejanae is an writer, actor, and avid reader. In January 2012, she was featured in Inland Empire Magazine. Dejanae lives in California, has three dogs, and Starbucks is her second home. 
Glenys Clarice
Glenys ClariceColumnist
Glenys is the founder of Glenys Clarice Enterprises, home to Ms. B. More and Little Miss B. More, an empowerment movement created to inspire women and young girls to turn who they are into something more. 
Sang D.
Sang D.Contributor
Sang’s mission is to be the one who pushes you to your limits and shimmies you out of those sweatpants you love so much — it’s time to put on your supersuit of fabulousness. 
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Season One Soul Kissers

Dawn G.
Dawn G.Editor
This talented woman is a London bound Writer/Director was the videographer and editor of our entire first season. Super talented and ridiculously funny.

Catrice J.
Catrice J.Columnist
Catrice is an International Speaker, BOSSLady of Branding, Magnetic Message Mentor and two-time International Best-Selling author.
Nicoletta F.
Nicoletta F.Columnist
Nic is an International Photojournalist currently working in Africa. Animal lover. Child advocate. Humanitarian and Owner of Brainchild Photography.
Ms. Tay Lang
Ms. Tay LangColumnist
Filmmaker and Writer based in Atlanta. Mother of TWO incredible boys! Editor of an online magazine that’s dedicated to being a VOICE of the people.
Valerie L.
Valerie L.Contributor
A Minister of Pastoral Counseling and creator of Taking Back The Reigns, a site about surrendering your life completely to God.
Yolanda S.
Yolanda S.Contributor
Shoshi is a BadAss Bruja, Celebrity Clairvoyant, Celebrant and Author.  She helps people have amazing love, toe curling sex & unleash their magic.
Entrepreneur. Travel. Luxury. Resorts. Sisterhood. Getaways. Women. Rejuvenate. Luxuriate. Some words that come to mind when I think of lady Cassandra.
Is a 5 foot ball of energy! Lover of fitness and all things health related. She lives to motivate women to focus on FITNESS while enriching their SOUL in the process..
Author of ‘Neurotica,’ ‘The momowilly Experience,’ ‘Mo’losophy’ and the upcoming ‘Awesome Blossom. Occasional blogger.
Sang D.
Sang D.Columnist
Driven by authenticity and uncovering the real truth, she writes! No,  she sets blow torches to copy. When she’s not doing that –  shopping for heels.
Louise Love
Louise LoveColumnist
A Life Enrichment Coach, with over 25 years dedicated to the art of Human Services.  Her joy is to provide life affirming tools to assist in “Living with Passion and Insight.”
Rita White
Rita WhiteContributor
Believes everyone should be pampered, which is probably what led her to create Raw Ingredients – a homebased natural skincare company. Her products are a delight.