No topic is off limits this episode from our first season!   It is one of my most FAVORITE episodes and Terry is someone I now consider to be a mentor.  We touch on a lot of sensitive issues like, fatherlessness, teen pregnancy, poverty among black women and the importance of family. During this eye-opening segment, Boykins shares insightful statistics surrounding unwed births, fatherlessness and the effects it has on our children.  All in all, leading us to the main question of “Should He Be Your Baby Daddy?”

Street Positive is a social enterprise that speaks about these issues and even raises the question to young girls considering sex for the first time, as well as women, “Should He Be Your Baby Daddy?”

Here is why:
* 70 percent of black children are born into fatherless homes
* 40 percent of black women live in poverty
* There are 24 million fatherless homes

Plus so much more. I invite you to take a look at this daring episode that celebrates one of the organizers of the Million Father March, Terry Boykins, that campaigns for change.

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