Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad aka Dream Chaser #1 lives by the motto, “Never Stop Dreaming”.  After spending two years on dialysis due to kidney failure, he vowed that if ever given the opportunity to chase his dreams again, he would never waste another day.  Three hours a day for three days per week provides an individual a lot of time to think about all the things they wish they would have done.  Since receiving a kidney from his sister, Ayesha in 2001 Dream Chaser #1 has enjoyed traveling, experiencing new and different things, going on adventures and starting businesses. 

The Dream Support Network was developed in 2011 to take dream chasing to the next level by helping other individuals to catch their dreams and support them in the process of making their dreams reality.  The Dream Support Network, holds Dream Support Network Meetings and events, The Dream Chasers Workshop, Ice Cream for a Dream, The Dream Support Network Scholarship and a variety of other positive dream affirming activities to encourage individuals to not only chase but catch their dreams.

Find The Dream Support Network Online:

Website: thedreamsupportnetwork.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thedreamsupportnetwork
Twitter: @IceCream4ADream

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Host and Producer: Tamala Baldwin

Camera and Sound: Keana Monroy-Gill 

Editor: Kat Perez

Co-Producer: Nehcole Felix

Music: Walter “iamBMOC” Tucker

Music: Young Roc

Music: Stephen Payne


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We are all born with incredible gifts and my purpose is to help as many along this journey of mine to remember their position of honor and royalty through inspirational, Christian-based media.
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