negSometimes it’s best to keep your vision for your life to yourself. You can’t expect people to understand and visualize something that is not for them. You may be the only person who can visualize your destiny and you have to be comfortable with that. Be careful who you invite to share your vision, because it can bring unnecessary negative energy in your atmosphere. Sharing with the wrong people can plant seeds of doubt and stifle your development.

People tend to feel negatively about things that don’t directly align with their mind frame. They often end up projecting their own beliefs about their own lives on others, because they have no other way to comprehend the vision. You can’t expect your vision to fit into someone else’s mind, when your vision was not custom fitted for their mind frame. Your vision is meant for you and everyone is not capable of viewing it through your eyes and perception.

The best advice I can give anyone in pursuit of their vision is: don’t allow someone to place their own self-crippling limitations on you.

I’ve found that other people often cannot see the vision that you have for your life. When they feel that something is too big or out of the ordinary of “typical” success they will instinctively tell you that “you can’t.” They end up projecting their own limitations and insecurities on you. Just because they didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t doesn’t and shouldn’t mean anything to you. You are your own person with your own power and should always remember that “you can” despite the limitations others try to project on you.

The easiest solution in avoiding naysayers and you-can’ters is to keep your goals, ideas, and dreams to yourself. People can’t put down what they don’t know. People can’t shoot you down if you don’t give them any ammunition. I know it’s hard not to share what’s going on in your world with the people around you, but it is often best to keep quiet while you are in labor. You can explain everything after your fruit has harvested.

Even your closest family and friends may be unable to comprehend what God has ordained for you. You may even need to protect your vision from them. You have to be strong enough to believe on your own. You have to get to the point where you aren’t sharing your ideas with the desire of getting confirmation from others. You may end up disappointed in their reactions and ideas and the best way to alleviate that is to limit who you share with and what you share.


Keeping negativity out of your journey is hard enough and coupled with people downing you makes it nearly impossible. Choose not to let it in. Choose to keep things to yourself. A negative seed can’t flourish if you do not allow it to be planted. Block out as much negativity as possible, even if that means limiting details in conversations with certain people.

Your vision is yours!

It’s unique to your talents and perception!

And if they don’t get it…so what!!!




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Dejanae Wortham

Dejanae graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. She is a writer, actor, and avid reader. In January 2012, she was featured in Inland Empire Magazine. Dejanae lives in California, has three dogs, and Starbucks is her second home.
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