Prayer and meditation are the roots for finding peace within. There is no better way to start your day than connecting with God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Making this connection daily has the ability to bring forth and shake up the desires you hold within. If you want to do more and become more, lighting the fire of desire within will set the wheels in motion to get you where you want and need to be. By incorporating prayer and meditation as a part of your morning or daily ritual, doors you never thought were there will open.

Prayer and meditation develops the foundation for your relationship with God. Because of this, you become clear about who you are and where you desire to go. If anything is true, it’s that God wants to hear from you daily. He wants you to talk to Him, rely on Him, trust Him, love Him, and give Him your undivided attention. That’s all he wants, nothing more or less. Of course, it’s easy to let ourselves get caught up in our everyday lives that time sneaks away from us and before we know it, another day has come and gone without any dedicated time spent with Him. However, if you make it a priority to set aside time to connect with him, you will begin to see a shift in your life that will be visibly apparent. All that prayer requires is that you have the courage to speak what is on your heart. The rest will come easy and rightfully fall into place.

Taking all of your cares and concerns to Him through prayer and leaving it there, assures you that all of what you are carrying will be taken care of. Before we utter one word, it is finished for as it says in Mark 11:24 (NIV) “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Many people have questioned if God hears their prayers. They are more concerned with how they pray instead of actually praying. You do not have to be a prayer warrior in order for God to hear you. As long as you open the channel of communication up with God, you are in the midst of prayer. Prayer does not have to be dressed up and blinged out in order for God to hear you and if you find yourself at a loss for words, sitting in silence and just focusing on who He is and thanking Him for all He has done will develop a sacred atmosphere where you can worship Him.

When it comes to meditation, it’s that quiet time that goes hand in hand with prayer and is something I would highly suggest you incorporate into your life. It’s where you connect with that voice of assurance that is directing you throughout your life – the Holy Spirit. By making this intimate connection and turning inward to listen, you gain the tools needed to carry you throughout your day. The tools that I’m referring to require your awareness of them and their ability to make your life a little easier if you commit to using them. These tools are: faith, perseverance, self-respect, confidence, and a clear vision of what you want for your life without compromising your beliefs and values. Through meditation these tools are easily accessible because you have made the connection inward and are clear as to how you should apply them to your life. These tools are a necessity in daily living because without faith we are lost. Without perseverance we easily give up. Without self-respect we accept all that is given and placed on us. Without confidence we prevent our true light from shining. Without vision we cannot see from one day to the next. And without a solid commitment to honoring who we are, we exist without living.

Meditating is one of those exercises you will have to put forth the effort and practice. It’s all about quieting the mind, or clearing it from any thoughts of distraction and settling in the moment of experiencing clarity and peace. Starting your meditation practice with ten to fifteen minutes a day and increasing as it becomes comfortable to you would be a good start if mediation were something new to you. Understand this is something you cannot rush into. Taking your time is important in order to reap the rewards of what meditation can provide for you. Don’t let the distractions of noise, family, and even the rambling of your own thoughts take your focus. If this happens, bring your focus back on what you are looking to accomplish which is enlightenment, clarity, and peace.

Taking twenty minutes out of your morning for prayer and meditation can set the tone for the rest of your day. Prayer is a time when your conversation with God is intimate and sacred. Meditation is when you open your heart and mind to listen for the answers. If taking twenty minutes out of your morning is asking a bit much, especially for those of you who have families and children to take care of, I suggest getting up thirty minutes earlier to get that time of prayer and meditation in. I know this is easy to say because it can be tempting to hit that alarm clock to catch a few more minutes of sleep, but I guarantee if you do this, it will not only become a great habit, but you will begin to see your days with a bright and positive outlook. All I ask of you is to try it and see how swiftly things in your life begin to change.

Understand nothing happens until something moves. You have to be the one to initiate change in your life. It will not happen by just thinking about it. It will not happen by just talking about it. It can only happen if you put forth the effort to do it. So what are you waiting for? The opportunity to change your life for the better starts now.

Glenys Clarice

Glenys Clarice has a passion for using her gift of empowerment to inspire others. Glenys' bright spirit is the key to her gift of inspiration; a gift she shares openly with others.Glenys "... is a first-class professional that knows what to say and how to say it to make a difference in people's lives." says one business associate.

Using her passion to empower, in 2008 and 2009 Glenys self-published self-help books, The Spiritual Diva: Ten Principles for Becoming Faithful Fierce and Fabulous and Living Fabulous: Practical Principles for the Woman on the Go. Currently, she is working on her third book, Love Thinking: 356 Affirmations for Loving Yourself and Others. In addition, Glenys is the founder of Glenys Clarice Enterprises, home to Ms. B. More and Little Miss B. More, an empowerment movement created to inspire women and young girls to turn who they are into something more and Theory Seven Media & Publishing.

Glenys credits her inspiration to the simple things in life and to those she continues to meet along her life’s journey.The Southern native and woman on the go has big plans and continues to set high standards to achieve the results that count.

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