Raise your hand if you ever feel guilty that you do not do enough.

Raise your hand if you put your kids’ wants before yours.

Raise your hand if you wish you could just have a few moments with peace and quiet. No one patting your arm calling you by your non-birth name, Mom.

Self-care is one of the most vital parts of our lives and it is often the most forgotten. You deserve a break. Even if it is for a brief moment. You deserve it.

Last week, I took a delicious moment and it felt great. I am not sure about you, but I am a Shonda Rhimes fan. I have watched Grey’s Anatomy since its conception and I fell into the Scandal trap and then, as if that was not enough, she whisked up How to Get Away with Murder.  I consider these my guilty pleasures in life (and during my week). My kids are quite aware that Thursdays are MY night to watch TV for 3 solid hours without interruption.

I believe that as their Life Manager, I am allowed ONE night all to myself.

Back to the story.

My Dancer sent me a message at around 3:00pm and said she needed to work that night for another girl who was sick and she would need to be picked up at 8:30. Hmmmmm. Ok, that is in the middle of Scandal, but since she is 13 and working a job and being responsible — I can work with that.

My Athlete calls me at around 6:15pm (I was dropping off The Dancer) and he asks me if I can take him to a sporting store to grab pink items for his football game the next night. But Grey’s Anatomy comes on in 45 minutes! Sigh. He has always been a huge supporter of breast cancer awareness, so how could I say no. He is showing his support for a great cause and I appreciate his thoughtfulness.

What Happened Next?

After I took The Athlete shopping for pink breast cancer items , we went to pick up The Dancer from work and headed home. I realized, at that moment, I was not going to make it home in time to watch the beginning of the last show.  So, I swerved into Sonic.

Operator: Thank you for stopping at Sonic, I will take your order whenever you are ready.

Me: Thank you. I would like order an ice cream cone please.

Kids: I want…..

Me (interrupting them): No. This is for me. Not you. Just me.

Imagine the shock on their faces.

Me (pointing my finger): I took you to work and I ran you around for two hours. I missed my shows and I am doing this for me because I deserve it.

Kids (in unison): Ohhhhh.

Silence ensued in the car. I really did not know if they were shooting me piercing looks with their eyes or if they understood where I was coming from.

At the end of the day, it was the best ice cream ever. I devoured every lick. I did not feel guilty for what I had done because I knew I deserved to treat myself. I gave myself permission to reward myself for loving me and I want you to give yourself permission too.

Single Moms. Repeat after me.

It is OK….

To love myself

To tell my kids no

To let my kids know that I deserve to treat myself too

To let my kids know it is not ALWAYS about what they want (life lesson included here)

To eat ice cream in front of my kids and not feel guilty

Now, it is your turn. When was the last time you took a moment to love yourself?

From my fingertips to your eyes Soul Kissers

Sang D.

Sang D is a writer, speaker, and prolific tweeter who helps people tell their story with confidence and brevity. Her forte? Helping you pin down the right words to share your message, tell your story, connect with your audience to change lives — not through intimidation and pressure, but through happiness and love. When she’s not writing for her amazingly fabulous clients, or working on writings of her own, she can be found sashaying through coffee shops that serve salted caramel mocha’s. To work with Sang, request an interview or speaking engagements, please her at sang@sangtastik.com or on her website at sangtastik.com.

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