How It All Began

Be the change you want to see, lulled my inner voice as I became more and more fired up during this discussion I was having with my girlfriends.  Would you like to know what we were talking about?  Sure you do… *Insert smiling face*

We were going IN on the various issues plaguing our society, no.. our entire planet.  The conversation became especially heavy for me when we began talking about the media… the kinds of messages that dominate the most popular television shows… the lyrics we hear on the radio, and so forth and so forth.

The notion of being the change I want to see in the world simply resonated with me down to my core.  I no longer wanted to sit back and complain about the things that were driving me up the wall.  In the same breath, I realized how badly I wanted to add a bit more sunshine in my own special way and create something truly beautiful. My beautiful is Soul Kisses TV.

The purpose of Soul Kisses TV is to simply serve as a breath of fresh air . Come on, take a nice deep breath.. doesn’t that feel great??  That’s life!  Anyhoot, I digress….

Soul Kisses TV lives to empower.  Soul Kisses TV exists to inspire.  Soul Kisses TV strives to encourage excellence of mind, body and spirit in order to create  the highest versions of life that one can imagine.

Soul Kisses TV uses all kinds of media platforms as a means to share stories of hope, persistence, strength,  faith and service. The goal is to empower as many people to get fired up releasing their inner magnificence in greater and greater propensities.  To accomplish this, we bring together some of the planet’s most renowned and visionary change makers, including best selling authors, motivational speakers, leading-edge business leaders and educators, spiritual leaders, inventors, filmmakers, artists, mystics and healers.  What these people all have in common is that they masters at stimulating and nourishing individual and collective development.  In brief, they’re using their gifts to make a difference in the world in a way that only they can.

Now we all feel this powerful wave of transformation happening on a personal as well as culturally as we break through to greater levels of awareness.  Soul Kisses TV seeks to be a force for meaningful change by establishing mainstream media entertainment content that’s not afraid to address the important issues of our times from an open-minded perspective of higher awareness.

Your First Assignment

Say to yourself a hundred times a day every day and mean it with all your heart; I will become more than I am. I will achieve more and more every day because I know that I can. I will recognize only that which is good in myself; only that which is good in others’ only that in all things and places that I know should live and grow. When adversity threatens I will be more determined than ever in my life to prove that I can turn all things to good account. And when those whom I have trusted seem to fail me, I will have a thousand times more faith in the honor and nobleness of man. I will think only of that which has virtue and worth. I will wish only for that which can give freedom and truth. I will expect only that which can add to the welfare of the race. I will live to live more. I will speak to give encouragment, inspiration and joy. I will work to be of service to an ever-increasing number. And in every thought, word and action my ruling desire shall be to enrich, ennoble and beautify existence for all who come by way.

What To Expect

Inspirational Interviews 70
Daily Soul Kisses 70
Articles On How To Think 70
Articles On How to Love 70

Our Official Soul Kissed Trailer

There are so many people using their gifts to add more LIGHT and LOVE in the world.  The first season of Soul Kisses TV was geared toward capturing the stories of just a handful of souls using their gifts to make the world a better place.  Paradise is here.  Now.  It is up to us to create it by using all the GOODNESS and power that is within us.  Take a sneak peek at our trailer to get an idea of what you’re in store for. Previous guests include: Malik Yoba, Adrienne Wallace, Terry Boykins of Street Positive, Step Up Women’s Network, Fender Music Foundation, Amy Applebaum, Girls in Tech and so much more!   The first episode of Season 2 launches September 23 and I’m so happy you’re here to experience it with me!!  


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