Every morning I wake up and look at my wall of affirmations.  On that wall I have a list of all the good things that make up my Nature and I read them out loud as often as I can to remind myself of my TREMENDOUS LIGHT.  It was of no surprise that Merieta Bayati, author of the Girlie Girl’s Guide: To Living A Fabulously Fulfilled Life became acquainted via social media.  Her book was so timely and it’s a great TOOL to help any woman no matter where she is on her path, affirm her Greatness.  Say No To Your Limitations, Don’t Worry and Don’t Forget About You are some chapters that resonated with me but what I loved most was that the book was interwoven with beautiful and relevant scripture.  Without further commentary, meet this wonderful woman that is on a mission to empower women to own their POWER and WONDER!

1. What’s shaking Merieta!  I simply LOVE your happy hair… my word for big curly hair.  Please tell us about the woman behind the wonderful mane.  Tell us the real and true things about who you are, where you’ve been and where you are going.  What is YOUR story? 

First, I just want to thank you for this fantabulous opportunity to share my story with your readers! Secondly, while you’re loving my happy hair, I absolutely LOVE your bright & sunny smile! It’s just heartwarming (smile). Thirdly, I’m a southern girl from Jackson, MS that ventured off and made her way to the North. I’ve been through some of EVERYTHING during that journey, but one thing I never did was GIVE UP. You kinda learn your true strengths when you’re put in tough situations. I’m truly grateful to have gone through every trial and tribulation. It has certainly made me the strong woman I am today! I still have my bubbly personality, infectious & unforgettable laugh (so I’m told) and loving heart.

2. We are all born with a purpose or a special assignment that only we meant to fulfill while here on this earth.  How would you define your purpose or special assignment?  How did you discover your purpose and what advice would you give to others that are searching for their ultimate reason for being?

I truly believe that my purpose is to be a help to young girls in so many ways. I’m always giving advice, mentoring and just simply being a big sister to so many. I would say that usually whatever it is that you find yourself already doing and it comes naturally,that’s what you’re called to do. And especially if you love to do it regardless of a paycheck, it’s not just a job, it’s a passion. 

3. In your book The Girlie Girl’s Guide To Living A Fabulously Fulfilled Life you reference wonderful Bible scriptures throughout your chapters.  I don’t want to put you in a box, but would you consider yourself to be a Christian Inspirational Writer?

I would say that I am an inspirational writer. 

4. To keep it real with you, I have never considered myself to be a girlie girl.  For some reason I used to equate that road with being prissy and I am far from that.  I love playing in mud and getting dirty; I think my hair looks better messy than neat; and I would rather buy a power tool than something for the kitchen.  However you completely transformed how I view being a girlie girl.  What does that term mean to YOU and how did you come up with that definition, so to speak?

A Girlie Girl is someone is whole-heartedly embraces her femininity, but is not afraid to show her strength. And I say this because YES, I love being feminine and wearing pink and pretty dresses, getting my nails done, etc. But at the same time, I don’t mind being super strong both physically and mentally. As you stated above that you like to play in the mud, I’d love to do a mud run too! Most people associate a Girlie Girl with being super prissy and even stuck up. This is SO not the case…at least not in mine. 

5. I love when people experience such profound moments of divine inspiration that that are compelled to act.  Where were you, what were you doing, what were you thinking when the idea to write this book touched your heart?

Honestly, I believe I was lying on the couch late at night when it hit me. I’ve always had the thought of someday doing a movie about my life and telling an inspirational story that would help other young girls that might be going through the same things that I have experienced. Realistically, I knew a movie wasn’t going to happen as quickly, so I started to type my thoughts for a book instead. The Girlie Girl’s Guide isn’t even the first book I started writing. It’s the third one, but the first one to be completed and released. 

6. What need are you trying to meet and who are you really most interested in helping?  In other words, who do you think would benefit most from reading your awesome guide?

I truly feel that the tween and teen girls could greatly benefit from reading this book because they are growing up so fast and need to hear some of the lessons I teach in the book as young as possible. Hearing it from mom is one thing, but hearing it from someone else usually hits home a little more. That’s just the way that it goes. However, I do feel that young adults and really anyone can benefit and use a reminder of some of the lessons that I speak on. 

7. The first few chapters of your book focus on self-love and self worth.  What does it mean to know your worth?  People say that ALL THE TIME and in your own words, what does it mean for a young woman to know their self worth?

Knowing your worth is understanding and knowing how special you are because you were created in the likeness of God! If you understand this, there is no reason to doubt how special and valuable you are as a person. As a result, you’re more confident and won’t allow anyone to treat you any old way!

8. What are some tips to uncovering or discovering your ultimate worth?

Reading God’s word (the Bible). Psalms 139: 13-14 tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. You have to BELIEVE it when no one else does. 

9. You are a tenacious woman and I LOVE being around such focused energy.  Why do you feel there seems to be an ever-increasing number of young women that are unaware of their true power and how to use it?

Aww thanks love.Young women are simply not being taught that 1) they have power and 2) how to use it properly. There is no real guidance and wisdom being passed down from generation to generation. How can a young mom teach her young daughter what she doesn’t know and wasn’t taught herself? She just can’t! 

10. In your book you spend some time advising readers to truly pay attention to the company they keep.  Why is this so important in your eyes?  Please share a personal story where someone you considered a friend and whom you thought truly loved you led you astray?

Oh this is definitely important! The wrong people in your life can destroy you if you let them. Everyone is NOT for your well-being. There was this guy that I was dating when I was about 18 years old, whom I truly loved and believed had my best interest at heart. It turns out that he was involved in so much negative MESS and was slowly pulling me into his world. If he really cared for me, he would’ve kept me away from those things that he knew might harm me. If someone truly cares for you, they will only protect you and do what’s BEST for you. 

11. I simply LOVED that you spoke about the importance of women learning how to master their bloody emotions.  God designed us in such a way that we love, care and simply feel so deeply.  What practices can someone implement right now to simply stop wasting their precious energy by controlling their emotions?

You just have to decide from the jump what’s good for you and what’s not and decide if it’s worth your energy or not. 

12. What is the most beautiful thing you learned about yourself since you became a mother?

I learned that I can truly love someone unconditionally. 

13. Merieta-Bayati-All-I-Need-Soul-Kisses-InterviewThere are several moments where you address the men in our lives.  I don’t want to speak on romantic relationships TOO much, so tell us… what advice would you give to that 18 year old that’s leaving home for the first time that thinks she knows everything and can handle everything that comes her way with regard to men?  Who should she choose?  What should she look for?  What kinds of qualities should see seek and what kind should she run from?  I feel like I didn’t have this TALK at that age so please speak to that young woman that may be reading this as authentically as you can.

We definitely think we know it all as soon as we hit that age of “I’m grown now” 18 mark LOL.Respect is number one in my book. If a man doesn’t respect you, then you better run! It means he will try to control you, belittle you, deceive you and more! Trust me, I’ve had my share of them. I would pay attention to how a man treats his own mother and cares for his children if he has any. This speaks volumes to his character. If he is disrespectful to either, then trust me, he will be to you as well. 

14. In your ideal world, what would you want readers to gain most from your book The Girlie Girl’s Guide To Living A Fabulously Fulfilled Life?

I truly want my readers to understand that having a wonderful and fabulous life isn’t difficult at all. There are just a few actions that you need to take to make it happen!

15. You share in your book that you have experienced your own trials.  If you had to choose, what is one thing that helped keep you going through it all and how?  I ask how because sometimes it’s hard to hear God when we are so far from him, so how did you seek him when you were going through it?

Remembering certain scriptures really helped me get through although I wasn’t reading my Bible at the time…it was just those scriptures that I was taught in church as a young person and remembering certain things that my mother had instilled in me. You’d be surprised what comes back to memory when you need it the most. 

16. Without giving too much away, what do you think is the most important chapter in your book?  It’s going to vary from person to person of course, but for me – I loved the section on ALWAYS A PURPOSE. What do you think is the most important advice? 

Wow, this is a tough one for me. But if I MUST choose, I’d have to say that BE HONEST (STOP LYING) is a very important one for me. As I mentioned in the book, I’ve told myself and others many lies! It’s easy to carry on with a lie, until you start telling multiple ones that you need to keep up with. At some point, you have to set yourself FREE! 

17. As much as we like to do things entirely on our own, God blessings come through other people.  Who has helped you the most during your writing career?

Hmm, I’d have to say that I have received the most help from my mom. She is a writer as well and has written her first book called “The Sexless Marriage: A Relationship Guide” about two years ago. She has shared so much advice with me and kinda guided me along during my own journey. Very blessed to have a mom who is just as creative and inspirational as I am. 

18. What can we expect Merieta in the upcoming year and how can we be of support?

I am currently working on my own music and always planning events! The 2 Authors x 1 Mission Book Tour will kick off on Monday, July 7th in Charlotte, NC!This is a promotional tour with my friend and fellow author Brittney Pressley. People can visit my website at www.merietabayati.com for more information on all upcoming events. 

19. Any last thoughts to share with those reading?

It’s been great sharing bits and pieces of who I am, but there’s so much more to know! Please stay connected by liking my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/merietab) and following me on twitter and Instagram: @merietab. Last but not least, know that whatever it is you want in life, you’ve got to make it happen! Stay faithful and stay committed! Stay Fantabulous! 

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