Chief Soul Kisser

Hi there, beautiful one!  Yes you read that title correctly…  My name is Tamala and I am the CHIEF SOUL KISSER. This website is my little baby…woo, woo, woo and boy has taken me a LONG TIME to get back to loving and nurturing it the way it deserves. Yes, I left my baby to die a cold and lonely death… BUT I SAVED it just in time! It’s quite the story… so scroll on down and let me tell you all about what happened.  But first, a wee bit about ME!

25084_1387451087819_334603_nIf you were to meet me out and about, you would probably witness me doing my “happy dance,” to what may appear to be for no reason at all. Ever since I tapped into that magic and decided to honor my calling, the reason to celebrate and jump up for joy happens more and more, with each new day. This magic I speak of is the will and courage to create the life I have always imagined in my wildest of dreams.

This magic is not something reserved for a select few, but is available in abundance to us all.

The trouble is, as we go about our lives and experience the things life throws at us, we often times lose sense of this power and we flounder… at times for years, searching for something to leave us fulfilled.  But the truth of the matter is is that….

We Are All Born With Natural Gifts

And I AM SO THRILLED I AM Finally Honoring ALL Of Mine…

Now hold on for just one second…. hehehe!  Please read that sentence again… and pay close attention to the word finally.  I simply do not want you to think for a second that I have always honored all of the wonderful talents I was given by God, let alone felt comfortable with sharing them with the world. HA!  HA!  HA!  I laugh so hard at the idea I want you to imagine me rubbing my belly, slapping my knees and drooling all at the same time – that is how HARD I laugh at that notion.  I WISH I was one of those that owned their greatness from the time they were born until they day the transcend this earthly plane.  Me?

I ran around like the TASMANIAN DEVIL… ran here… ran there… went there… moved there… did this.. did that… I did EVERYTHING but what my heart truly desired.  Now, of course I wasn’t conscious of it at the time, but I was clearly very much afraid of stepping into my spotlight, which seems so contradictory to my personality.  Thinking about all of that seems like a LIFETIME AGO…. probably because it is.

That 9-5 Life

2078_1091822777296_8748_n.. in reality it was more like 9-MIDNIGHT every dang day.  Why didn’t anyone TELL ME that that was what I had to look forward to after earning my MBA?  Sure, the work was rewarding… but I burned out at a tender age of 26 running away to California for a simpler way of being.  The hours, the screaming matches with my bosses, the sleepless nights was simply TOO MUCH for me.  I was stressed and miserable.  MISERABLE.  So when the opportunity to move to California presented itself, I LEAPED!  Life in San Diego was such a peaceful and most needed break from the chaos I was experiencing in the concrete jungle of New York.  Each day and night I drove pass the Pacific Ocean with a smile on my face.  I had a nice little apartment that I shared with a marine biologist, and I had time to explore other passions like belly dancing.  For the first time in my adult life I felt like I found where I belonged.

Then It All Came Tumbling Down

While living in southern California, I can recall so many divine moments where God was trying to get me to pay attention.  I have so many stories where these messages from the Universe would come out of nowhere, all with the purpose of trying to get me back on track which was performing.  I remember going to Balboa Park, by myself, to check out some free concert and this older man came up to me.  He didn’t ask for my name or even attempt to create any small talk, but simply said “You are a singer.”  Now, imagine my expression… I was looking at him slightly dumbfounded.  Perplexed.  Bewildered.  My response to him was, “Er, no I’m not a singer.”  In turn, he replies, “You are meant to be singing,” and went about his business.

Of course I didn’t get it.  I thought he was an ODD HIPPY but there was this part of me that smiled.  I felt comfort in knowing that this stranger was able to see a part of my nature that I had buried for YEARS!  This man in a dashiki saw me.  There were so many similar instances like this where these strangers would plant these seeds.  He was one of the first and before you knew it,  I was singing with a local band, and recording with a wonderful man named Michael Devine after work.  However the idea of performing full time was never in fully developed in my mind.

Then God said enough and took away EVERYTHING that was keeping me comfortable in a matter of DAYS!  Do you hear me??? DAYS!!!!!!! Everything I was building in San Diego was G-O-N-E in a week.

My car… engine exploded or something like that.

Job… er, gone.

Dude I was recording with… gone.

The band… suddenly there were no gigs.

So I cried… but there was mostly a sense of acceptance that this was Divine Intervention.  Within two weeks, I was back in New York living in Harlem and EXCITED that the opportunity for me to really give my dream of performance a real shot finally manifested.

Create While You Wait

MeandDawnCelebratingSo yeah.. singing has been FREAKING AWESOME!  I’ve had so many adventures that I’m so GRATEFUL for.  But this business is sooooooo unstable.  I never know what is going to happen from month to month… and back in 2011 I was praying and waiting for the Universe to manifest my next show.  Malik Yoba posted a tweet that will always stay with me.  It read, “WHILE YOU WAIT, CREATE.”  I had an AHA moment… I thought what a NOVEL idea!  While I am hustling and trying to book, let me create something.  It was during this time that I gave birth to Soul Kisses TV… the first time. 

When I decided to put this idea into action, the UNIVERSE came to my aid.  I received so much HELP, LOVE and SUPPORT! There are so many people to thank and as I rebuild this site, you will get to know each and every ONE of these angels that helped me bring this vision to life.

I Can’t Do It All

Soul Kisses TV was rocking and I was gaining momentum in my singing career.  At the time, I didn’t know how to do both.  So I decided to take a break from Soul Kisses TV.  I never wanted to give up on Soul Kisses TV, but months turned into a year and a year turned into 2 YEARS!  Next thing you know, I forgot to pay the domain name and the site was gone.  Gone in the sense that some site has secured the domain and there is NOTHING I can do about it but start from scratch.  How wonderful and what a valuable lesson!

But It’s All Okay

Today I am doing my happy dance while standing in my spotlight.  Today I am taking the time to fully understand WHO I AM and the woman God wants me to be with each and every season.  I recently read in one of my many Christian Inspiration books that “a woman is not a woman until she becomes the kind of woman God wants her to be.” Soul Kisses is an extension of this journey to this state of becoming or blossoming.

1530473_10202621020748217_1527840819_nAll of the lessons I learn, all of the goodness I experience, this is my attempt to share it in hopes that it will help someone else REMEMBER their sunshine, their magic, the wonder, their divinity, their sheer awesomeness, that they are a masterpiece, that they are royalty.

Along the way I have met so many beautiful souls that have shared their gifts and testimony on this site.  Sooooo, why don’t you mosy on over  meet some of our contributing Soul Kissers who have left wonderful gifts for you to enjoy.

My goal is to simply add as much sunshine, light and positivity into the lives of others through various inspirational media.  Being an adult can be such a pain in the ass, and it’s so EASY to lose sight of the truth, the beautiful, the magic, the noble and the ideal.  One of my ultimate dreams for this magical moment in time, is that Soul Kisses serves as a inspirational refuge.

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