There are things that we desire for our lives that have yet to manifest. We have dreams, goals, wants, and a longing for more fulfillment. We visualize or daydream having the desires of our hearts and what we will feel if and when those desires are released into our lives. However, if we are not mindful of how we long for what we desire, we will place our focus on what we do not have, thus magnifying what we think we lack in our lives.

It is easy to be fooled by our physical eyes because more often than not, we think that the lack in our lives is our reality, but this is so far from the truth or should I say spiritual truth. By looking through our eyes of faith, we will see that we already have everything that we could ever want. There is absolutely nothing that you or I lack. Of course if you are looking through your physical eyes you may not feel that you have all that you desire, but you have to believe that you do. For when you believe that your life is complete, you will start to feel and actually see that you lack nothing.

Psalm 23:1(NIV) says, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” Think for a moment about what that really means. Say it out loud to yourself and really listen to those words. Say them in faith; let those words bounce off of the walls and settle into your spirit. When you come to the realization that you are not deficient in anything, you will see that you are wealthy beyond measure. Take this a step further and say, “Because I have Christ, there is nothing that I lack.”

Because of who Christ is, there is nothing that we long for that we do not have. Everything that God gave to Christ, He also gave to us. So if you sit and think about that, you will know without hesitation that you lack nothing, and because you lack nothing, you also have the power of the Holy Spirit within you to help you bring forth the desires of your heart by co-creating with God, according to His will for your life. Once you realize that you have everything that you need because of God, everything else will come forth. But the key is to accept Christ as your Everything and all that you need, because if you do not fully understand that, you will always live and see your life from a place of lack. Abundance is already yours because of who God is by Himself. You lack nothing.

It takes work to see and live life through eyes of faith. One has to be committed daily to renewing his or her mind in order to see life in the way that God intends. Just know that what you see as your reality is not permanent. It is not everlasting. With each passing day, things change and can change in an instant. Do not focus on what your physical eyes are showing you about where you are in life right now, or what you do not have yet. The fact that you have within you God-given gifts that are so precious is enough to excite you and keep you focused on what you have been blessed with.

I challenge you to start looking through your eyes of faith. Give it an honest try, and watch how what you perceive to be your reality changes into the promises of God.

Always remember, you lack nothing.

Glenys Clarice

Glenys Clarice has a passion for using her gift of empowerment to inspire others. Glenys' bright spirit is the key to her gift of inspiration; a gift she shares openly with others.Glenys "... is a first-class professional that knows what to say and how to say it to make a difference in people's lives." says one business associate.

Using her passion to empower, in 2008 and 2009 Glenys self-published self-help books, The Spiritual Diva: Ten Principles for Becoming Faithful Fierce and Fabulous and Living Fabulous: Practical Principles for the Woman on the Go. Currently, she is working on her third book, Love Thinking: 356 Affirmations for Loving Yourself and Others. In addition, Glenys is the founder of Glenys Clarice Enterprises, home to Ms. B. More and Little Miss B. More, an empowerment movement created to inspire women and young girls to turn who they are into something more and Theory Seven Media & Publishing.

Glenys credits her inspiration to the simple things in life and to those she continues to meet along her life’s journey.The Southern native and woman on the go has big plans and continues to set high standards to achieve the results that count.

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