Has your life lost its luster and shine? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut and unsure how to bring the sparkle back into your life? You deserve to live a vibrant life where you authentically show up as your brilliant self. This moment is all you have so why not evolve into your highest self? When you live vibrantly, you work smart not hard, you thrive versus survive, you laugh more and cry less, you expect more and do not settle, and you gain more than you lose. It’s time to create your vibrant life!

Living a vibrant life does not require a master plan or mysterious methods. Vibrancy is often described as a colorful vibration of pulsating energy. Vibrancy means that you are living in the moment, living without fear, and living with a full awakening. Vibrancy allows you to wake up every day and be excited about life. Vibrancy means that you are lively, energetic, excited, and filled with joy, passion, zest and happiness. You may be thinking, so what does a vibrant life look like? I have the answers. See much vibrancy you have in your life!

  • You wake up energized ready to face the world.
  • You stare fear in the face and say bring it on.
  • You push through your fears and take baby steps towards the creation of your destiny.
  • You see the positive in people.
  • You feel confident inside regardless of the situation.
  • You are living on purpose and know exactly why you exist.
  • You have pep in your step and see the possibilities and opportunities in each day.
  • You go to bed satisfied knowing you have done your best in any given day.
  • You light up the room and people know you exist.
  • You speak from your compassionate and honest voice.
  • You attract people into your life because your personality is magnetic.
  • You feel alive inside because you are doing work you love.
  • You create your life on your own terms.
  • You do not let worldly negativity affect your personal outlook on life.
  • You do everything very passionately.
  • You have a clear, vivid and colorful vision for your future.
  • You feel good about your outer appearance and work to keep your personal image polished.
  • You live to give and find ways daily to inspire others towards their highest self.
  • You are spiritually awakened and listen and respond to your intuitive voice.
  • You love life and are open to the wonderful discoveries and opportunities that await you.

Does this sound like YOUR life?

If not, here are some tips to help you create your vibrant life.

First define what vibrancy means to you, make it simple, clear and realistic.

Create an image of how you want to feel, look, behave and think when you walk into a room full of strangers. What is the silent message you want to send them about you, your spirit, your being.

 Have you ever met someone and said “wow” who is that or “wow” I am so glad to be in that person’s presence? Identify what that was and find specific ways you can create that same or similar wow effect on other people.

 Think about your current, natural, God-given talents. Bring them forth, polish them and share them with the world!

Create a sparkle! Does your skin look radiant? Is your smile bright? Is your hair glowing? Do your eyes shine? Put your best face forward. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin, whiten your teeth, get new haircut or trim. Do whatever makes you happy to create that sparkle that illuminates vibrancy when people meet you.

Make it your life goal to create vibrancy in other people’s lives. You reap what you sow and feel good in the process of making other people feel good.

Music has wonderful and intense healing power. Music inspires us to create, transform and become energized. Create a CD or tape with inspirational songs. Use songs that evoke your deepest emotions and play it when you are feeling down, right before a big event or whenever choose.

 Determine at least 2 people who you feel are vibrant and spend as much time with them as possible.

Determine 3 things that make you happy, bring you peace or inspire your creativity. Make a plan to do those things every day or every week.

You are already vibrant, but like the diamond in the rough, you just need a little polishing and refining for your beauty to be revealed and your vibrant shine to come forth. You are worth the work. Invest in your life, instead of buying shoes, by a book. Instead of buying that mocha latte save your money and attend a self-development workshop. Invest in you, create a vibrant life and elevate to your highest most brilliant self.

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