You Are A Gift To The World

You are the spirit force that gathers, all that is unique and captivating for the soul. Honor your divine inner spirit as it is unfolding into your priceless heart of gold, for you are an amazing gift, you were born with the glory of light. You are honored and you are loved completely, I am so glad that you were given Life.

Yes, I am talking about the phenomenal you!

Welcome to the first article for “Matters of the Heart.” This inspirational dialogue will feature many topics inspiring emotional and healthy relationship wealth.

Our first business of order will be to establish the golden rule; There is no one on this earth who could ever replace the very wonder of you! That is why we are going to lay out a blueprint to insure that you make the time to honor the majesty of you!

The human emotional heart is an extremely delicate space, it is the barometer for our feelings, life experiences and it guides us towards our decisions about who we let into our personal grace. It is paramount to our existence that we enter into all of our relationships open, healthy, whole and complete.

So as you embark on an array of relationships with family, colleagues, mates, social acquaintance and friends, let’s explore some basic standards that will support you in honoring the astonishing you!

You Are A Gift To The World

Honoring you includes:

Honoring the hurts from the past

It is important that you acknowledge situations that may keep you guarded and restricted from the pure expression of love and compassion. These past experiences will have to be laid to rest, forgiven and released from ever corner of your heart.  You can do it! You must do it so that you can be free to have the relationships that you truly deserve.

Honoring how beautiful you really are inside and out 

Your inner beauty will take your outer beauty so far into your radiant light, everyone will feel your essence and want to be near you so that they can feel the glow of your life. Keep yourself immersed in positive spirit enriched activities; pamper your physical and emotional beauty with your time and creative insight.

Making time to honor you

Requires good loving inner strength. While you are growing and enhancing the inner part of you, spend lots of time in mediation, prayer and silence so that you can fully appreciate the uniqueness of the true and real you!

Honoring the truth about the kind of relationships you really want

Yes, without self sacrificing your heart, just say “NO” to settling for relationships that do not match the moral and spiritual you.  You know those relationships that your gut says No to and your mind says “Well I guess you can over look that one thing or maybe two.” When your soul says no, let your actions follow and ask yourself why, at a later date. That’s what you do when you really have faith in yourself and are in tune with the remarkable you.

Last but not least, honor your right to tell yourself the truth

Tell yourself the truth about when you are wrong, when you are injuring someone, being selfish, stubborn and untrue. Self correction is honorable and priceless act for you, because it always allows you the opportunity to make it right and start off with a new.

These are just a few tips to enrich the light of you. Stay consistent and do not be resistant to the process of honoring the gift of you!

Louise Love

I am Louise O'Shields humbly honored to be an exceptional Relationship Enrichment Coach. Yes that's right after 25 years of providing direct care in the field of Human Services I have reset my professional compass to specialize in human relationship development and emotional wealth. I am a professional Life Coach, with a degree in the Art of Psychology. It is my joy to provide you with life affirming tools to assist you in “Living with Passion and Insight.” I know with all certainty that you were born with a Treasure Chest of Inspiration and Motivation. I am here to support you in igniting the greatness that lives within you!

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