In my book, Limitless In Possibility, I talk about the importance of incorporating Google+ into your social media marketing strategy.  It tickled my fancy to read that Google has redesigned Google+ to make it easier for people take advantage of two of their features, Communities and Collections, which launched earlier this year.  Based on their market research, people LOVE these two features so this redesign puts the Communities and Collections feature at the forefront.  Also, this redesign is even more mobile friendly, which is so important as more and more people use the Internet on their mobile devices.

You can read more about Goolge+ directly from Google on their blog, but reading about the advantages of incorporating Google+ into your marketing mix by reading my book is so much more fun!  Not sure how to get started with Google+?  Start by following me and your contacts in your address book.

What do you think about the redesign?

Are you part of any Communities or Collections?

Did you follow me yet? HA!

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