It’s easy to get discouraged or even depressed while in pursuit of your dreams. While you are chasing your dream you will definitely run into road blocks. You may even find yourself asking things like, “Is it worth all of the trouble?” or “Is it even possible?” You may even get to the point where things seem so out of whack, that you feel they can’t be fixed. This post is for the people who feel they have screwed up their chances of accomplishing their dreams and for those who find themselves in a faithless pursuit of their destiny.

Let’s face it, it’s natural to get down when things aren’t progressing at the speed you thought they would or when you keep getting doors slammed in your face. We are human and we are emotional beings and it’s alright to feel what you feel. But it is not okay to allow it to consume you! I understand that sometimes things can just appear so highly stacked against you and impossible to overcome, but you can’t give in! Even if it takes you seeking a professional to talk to, to keep you from falling victim to your own emotions and doubt, do it! It’s completely okay to seek out help! I notice that I tend to feel better after speaking to someone whether it’s God, a family member, a professional, a friend, or even a diary, communicate with those around you.

I was watching Joel Osteen recently and he talked about having “even now faith.” Basically a faith that withstands the tests of circumstances. A faith that overcomes and believes that despite everything that has occurred God can still pull you into the fullness of your destiny. That entire message resonated with me and pulled me out of my own slump. I think it’s the perfect attitude to have about life! We have to remember that God can accomplish anything even after all of our trials and tribulations. We just have to keep the faith. I think having that attitude while you are pursuing your dreams is essential to your success. Knowing that God can still fulfill our destinies despite the mistakes and setbacks we have been through takes a huge amount of pressure off of us.


When I’m down and I can’t see the progress I’ve made, I remind myself that just because I am unable to physically see my progress doesn’t mean it’s not there. I have to remember that, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13 KJV.

Remember with God all things are possible!

If God has placed a seed of a vision in your heart, then all you need is your faith and works to grow it!

It’s easy to get down after a setback, but hard to pull yourself through with a smile on your face. Strengthen yourself by wearing a glorious smile through the pain.

God wants you to be successful!




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Dejanae Wortham

Dejanae graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. She is a writer, actor, and avid reader. In January 2012, she was featured in Inland Empire Magazine. Dejanae lives in California, has three dogs, and Starbucks is her second home.
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