You have been writing poetry since high school. How has your writing brought healing into your life and how would you like your writing to serve others?

I’d like to begin by thanking Soul Kisses TV and Tamala Baldwin for this beautiful interview. I’m so blessed and feel excited about what the future holds!

To answer your question, I really began writing in elementary school, short stories, and then I started writing poetry after high school. I think for many poets, poetry is written from life experiences and is a true reflection of one’s heart. For myself, poetry has helped me express emotions in a way that I’ve never been able to do before. Often a metaphor or even one word can paint a picture of feelings and spark the imagination in a remarkable way unlike any other. I know that through my writing, I’ve learned that I can get through anything in life, I can double my own joy and create artwork at the same time out of some of the most challenging experiences as well. It’s my hope that through my writing, others will feel inspired to keep following their dreams, will realize that they’re not alone, and that everyday you can and will shine brighter and more beautiful than ever before.

When you were in high school, was there anyone in your life that nurtured and encouraged your natural gift of writing? Tell us about them.

Well, the only English teacher that really stands out in my mind from grade school was my 7th grade teacher. I adored her class. I remember once we had a vocabulary test with 200 words. I just listened to her talk about each word in her animated, happy way; she’d get so excited about teaching and held my attention in a way no other teacher has ever been able to do before. I remember that I didn’t study at all for the test and ended up getting 100% on it. Her passion for words and the English language is something I’ll never forget, just so full of life and love for the simple joys in life!

How would you personally describe the message in your writing?

I believe the strongest message in my writing is hope. That you can find hope, love, miracles and blessings everywhere you go. That every dream in your heart is “bursting beautiful” and that truly: “If you can dream it, you can do it!” (-Walt Disney) That life is truly about an exchange of good life giving energy = love = God.

Why do you feel poetry is the best vehicle to spread your message to the world?

Poetrypalooza - night nine at The Last Bookstore in downtown LAActually, I believe that whether you choose to express yourself in poetry, novel writing, photography, drawing etc, there truly is no limitation because whatever you create is reflection of your heart and I see myself more as an artist. I believe we’ve all been given limitless gifts to spread the genuine love and beauty in our hearts. But, there was a clear reason why I choose to publish a book of poetry first. I just wasn’t fully aware of the reason until I had the honor of being interviewed on Marc Medley’s “The Reader’s Circle” WP 88.7FM broadcast from William Patterson University in New Jersey. Marc eloquently explained that poetry truly has a way of instantly touching a reader’s heart because it is often written directly in reaction to real life events. He said it’s a quick read and thus the message reaches the reader’s heart and mind instantly. I told him that while my greatest dream is the novel series I’m working on, there was a specific reason why I choose to introduce myself to the literary world with poetry. I did so because it was my way of getting a temperature of what the public would think of my heart, my experiences, and whether they would accept me as I am in the truest, most vulnerable moments of my life. And, I feel beyond blessed, humbled and grateful that the public has been showing me more love, support, blessings and miracles each and everyday; giving me the extra needed confidence and love to continue writing my novel series. I have endless gratitude to everyone who’s ever shown me even the smallest form of kindness.

If there is one takeaway you would like your readers to walk away with after reading one of your books, what would that be?

To feel like “sky’s truly the limit” – that the only limits in life are truly those we place upon ourselves, that they can get through anything in life stronger and more beautiful than ever before, that love conquers all in friendships and loved ones. That the reason we share universal truth and love is truly because we’re all one dreaming and hoping for the “Dreams of the Heart” dreams that include finding true love, following our dreams whether they wish to be a teacher, famous musician or president of the United States. To remind people of their greatness and the endless beauty in their hearts. To be inspired to put action, hope, trust and belief in their own dreams and passions and make them a reality! To realize that genuine, authentic love is always the most important factor behind anything we do in life; that creating from the heart is one of the most beautiful things you can ever share because the reality is that there will never, ever be another you, thus, you’re sharing the gift of a true miracle when you share your one of a kind experiences, love and heart with the world.

I admire you so much because you are constantly inspired and whipping out works of art. Where does it all come from? Who, what is your muse or source of inspiration?

God. Once I spent an afternoon at the beach, watching the sun set. The colors were changing in the sky every second, and suddenly I realized that God was literally painting a new mural with every new shade and hue. And, I knew in that moment He was telling me and the world that we can be creating something new every moment of the day. It was a deeply profound and life changing experience for me.

100 Thousand Poets for a Change - 2011What can people expect from your most recent work?

I believe my poetry series is in some ways becoming like a diary of my life, an artistic poetic autobiography. It’s the recordings of how I felt at specific moments, but it’s also meant to inspire and give hope to readers. I believe that when we share our brightest and most challenging experiences in life, it not only heals and frees our hearts, but it also reminds us all that we’re all doing the very best we can with where we’re at in life, still learning, still hoping for all the “Dreams in the Heart.”

In your ideal world, where do you see your writing taking you and what impact would you like to have?

Ever since I was a little girl, I always pictured myself receiving Oscars (for the movies that will be made from my novel series, because that is the true dream). I also pictured myself receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for humanitarian actions, visions, etc. Part of the vision in my dreams is to have a place where I can take in foster children before they are placed into homes and care for them. When I tell people that I was an abandoned baby found on the steps of a police station they often tell me that sounds like something out of a movie. Probably why I have always feel a deep overflowing need to share a timelessly impactful story that people of all different ages and backgrounds in the world will fall in love with. It’s probably also why “Save the Children” is the charity I hold dearest to my heart.

Aside for writing poetry, what other gifts to you find yourself constantly sharing with the world?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved inspiring and reminding people that all their dreams can and will come true, through how I live my life, my writing, etc. Recently, I’ve been honored and blessed with a partnership through a non-profit writing group called “The New Writers” founded by Sarah Stuart and Steve Robinson as their Creative Outreach Director. This new connection allows me to keep consistently inspiring and supporting others, but through a more targeted audience of people who are all actively working on their writing/artistic dreams. Additionally, I’ve always believed that we’re all born with limitless gifts, it’s simply up to us to choose which ones to focus on and fall in love with. I’m an artist. In addition to writing and poetry, I have also taught myself how to play a few notes on the guitar, enjoy photography and plan to eventually sell my work, love to draw Japanese anime and would like to learn how to paint as well. Skies the limit and beyond, truly!

What is keeping you busy these days? (Working on any new projects and where they can purchase etc)

Poetrypalooza - night seven - bwWell, I just published “Dreams of the Heart” vol. II in August 2011, and I started writing vol. III right away. As you know, I’m also working away at the novel series of my dreams. Additionally, Sarah Stuart (founder of “The New Writers”) and I will be co-hosting a radio show for the organization aired once a month for starters beginning October 2011. The t-shirt line (partial proceeds will go to “Save the Children”) I’m working on in connection with 2WJD designed by Shiho Oribe has been put on hold until approximately November 2011. Shiho and I are also working on another inspirational product targeted for young ladies that will be sold from 2WJD’s store and finished approximately December 2011. By the grace of God, I have a dear friend who’s helping to customize a website for me that will hopefully be finished by December 2011 as well. Recently, I have also started a couple of investment type endeavors with a very special person. There are several other projects and opportunities in the mix, but will announce those in the coming months.

How do you stay faithful and on course with your dreams? Any advice to aspiring writers out there?

Great question. Well, ever since I was a little girl it’s been my dream, so I think that’s made it much easier to stay on course. Four years ago, when I suddenly realized that writing was my truest passion, I started focusing on it seriously and have never looked back. The advice I’d give to aspiring writers is to do anything to stay positive and believe in yourself. Because ultimately, it’s up to you to make all your dreams come true. So, surround yourself with people who support you 110%, read books written by successful people, authors you admire and aspire to be like, take care with your thoughts (thoughts create you reality, guard and monitor them closely). It’s also important to write something new every single day, it helps you become very comfortable with your “writer’s voice” so keeping a daily journal is a great way to “exercise” your literary skills. And, ultimately, it’s easy to remain faithful to my dreams, because when you love something with all of your heart, you always will. Bottom line, that’s how you remain on course and loyal to all the “Dreams of the Heart.” So, it’s important to find something you know you love beyond a shadow of a doubt. When you find that thing, it will be easy to remain faithful. Your heart won’t have any other choice but to fall deeper in love with that vision and perfect dream.

Please leave the readers with a taste of your uplifting and inspirational works.

This is the very first poem in “Dreams of the Heart” volume I:


A buried chest of treasures
Splendid to the touch

Dazzling to the eye
A gift beyond measure

Spinning before the mind
Reeling in abundance
Joyful without a care
Rejoicing in the perfect rush

Reach for the sky
Touch the rainbow’s end
It’s yours for the taking
Let your spirit soar high

Dance in humility’s rain
Embrace all that is good

Inhale Spring’s dew kissed air
Risk where other’s have simple stood

Take a chance
Despite all those who haven’t cared
A heart as innocently pure as yours
Is a rare blessing meant to be shared

About Joie

Joie Schmidt is a writer, inspirational poet/artist, and author of “Dreams of the Heart” volume 1 & 2, compilation books of poetry about life, love, loss and hope; collections created to show others that through life’s ups and downs, your heart can and will always shine brighter and more beautiful than ever before.  Currently, Schmidt is working on the novel series of her dreams and several projects connected with writing, inspiration and charity organizations.  Part of the “Dreams of the Heart” include reminding others that every dream in one’s heart is “bursting beautiful” and that “the only limits in life are those we place upon ourselves, in other words, you have no limits!”  On a daily basis, she consistently supports the dreams and hopes of others, knowing that truly “we must be the change”.  Because of this belief, Schmidt is always creating positive new artwork (i.e. through writing, poetry, photography, etc.) as well as looking for new ways to connect and work with other like-minded positive role models and artists to continuing spreading a one love message of joy and hope all over the world.

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