stop picThe greatest gift given in the face of opposition is a smile.

We all have those days where we wake up and nothing seems to go smoothly. You know those days when you seem to not get anything right. You wake up late, get stuck in parked rush-hour traffic, get rear ended by the car behind you, and drop your coffee in the parking lot while running to clock in on time. This has all really happened to me in the same day. And yes I took a brief moment of silence to mourn the much needed cup of coffee splattered on the gravel outside my office.

In the past, I would let a series of minor mishaps irritate my nerves. But I’ve learned that it’s all about the reaction you give to the situation you’re in. When something unfavorable happens to you the best response is to smile and not allow it to hamper your day. Don’t allow 1 hour of drama to destroy 23 hours of sweet possibilities.

Perception is everything. How you perceive a situation can shape your entire day, week, month, or year for better or worse depending on how you view it. I’ve realized how much more smoothly life goes when you don’t let the mishaps of everyday life rule you.

Smile knowing that you are stronger than the thing that is attempting to force you off track. Everybody has bad days! Be a person who chooses to smile through misfortune. When something goes wrong simply remind yourself that God has something better for you.

I realize this is one of those easier said than done things. But, if you want to change your life first start by training yourself how to respond in a bad situation. It’s obvious that we can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we react to everything that happens to us.

For example this past Tuesday after work, I met up with a friend to watch a movie. The movie started at 4:30. The theatre is only about two and a half miles from my job. It is located in a high traffic area where most of the surrounding streets are one-way only. I missed the turn for the parking lot and was caught in the shuffle of rush hour chaos. It was impossible to make a U-turn. When I finally made it back to the theatre it was 5:00. I felt frustration creeping up on me, but I made the choice to remain calm and smile, after all it was a 2-hour movie. How much could I have missed?

The movie was excellent and I still had an amazing time even though I was 30-minutes late. But I had to make the choice. Of course I was tempted to react in frustration, but that would not have helped my situation in any way. It would not have gotten me to the theatre any faster and it would have not stopped time. It would have only made things worse.

Why make a bad situation worse? When you really think about it, there’s really no positive points in frustration.

If your car won’t start and you have a melt down because you have a super important place to be, does that help the situation in anyway? Of course it doesn’t. All it does is keep you and your day off of the right course.

So just like the title says, “Don’t get mad, get glad!”

Remember attitude is everything!

Is your glass half empty or half full?

Stay positive out there!


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Dejanae Wortham

Dejanae graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. She is a writer, actor, and avid reader. In January 2012, she was featured in Inland Empire Magazine. Dejanae lives in California, has three dogs, and Starbucks is her second home.
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