There is only one you in the world. You are a rare treasure and no one can compare to what you have. You are unique and incomparable. I love this line from Katy Perry’s song Firework “You don’t have too feel like a wasted space, you’re original cannot be replaced.” That line really resonates with me. We are original pieces of work and two things that are both original and special should never be compared. Don’t ever do yourself the disservice of comparing yourself to someone else. I’ve learned that a comparison to another person just puts negativity in the air.

5 Reasons Why Comparing is Bad!

  1. Comparing elevates one person and minimizes another.
  2. You know every detail about you, but have no clue about the intimate details the other person is facing.
  3. You may force yourself into feelings of inadequacy.
  4. You may create false confidence in yourself.
  5. Comparing stifles your journey.


Comparisons are often used to prove something.

Whether you are comparing with the idea that “I am better than…” or “…is better than me” both are negative. Both phrases deplete the value of someone. Our value is not dependent on another person, so there is no need to juxtapose yourself to someone else. Remember you are already great, beautiful, unique, and priceless, so there’s nothing for you to prove. You don’t have to prove you are enough, because you already are.

There is no confidence to be gained in comparison. Confidence starts from within and shouldn’t be validated by the devaluation of another person. Furthermore the same goes for feelings of inadequacy. We all have things we aren’t one-hundred percent confident about and those things should not be highlighted by another person’s abilities, talents, or looks. We are all individuals! There’s nothing to be gained in making yourself feel bad or less than. Life can be hard enough, let’s not make it tougher ourselves!

runOften comparing yourself to someone else leaves you at an automatic disadvantage. You know everything about yourself. Every flaw and every failure about you is known to you. You only see what people put on display. So you could be comparing your at home face with someone’s outside face. Remember you never know what someone is going through, so don’t put them or yourself in an unfair comparison. That’s only setting yourself up for failure. Why set yourself up for failure when you can do the opposite. Devote your energy to encouraging and not comparing. In comparison someone is always set up to lose and in encouragement everyone is set up for success.

Comparisons are also a sure way to stifle your journey. You can’t focus on your destiny and someone else’s destiny. Traveling your own journey is hard enough. You can’t drive in your lane and the lane next to you. Comparing your life’s journey to someone else’s is a waste of energy. You only have so much energy in a day to devote to your passions, so why waste them on creating unnecessary negative distractions?

Greatness resides within you!

It resides in the person beside you!

There’s no need to compare two great things.




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Dejanae Wortham

Dejanae graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. She is a writer, actor, and avid reader. In January 2012, she was featured in Inland Empire Magazine. Dejanae lives in California, has three dogs, and Starbucks is her second home.
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