It is the second day of a new beginning and I pray you are feeling delirious with expectancy of all the amazing things that are on the horizon.  It is a brand new day and it would be so wonderful to hear that you feel charged with divine purpose, because that is where you are being pushed into.  All the learning you absorbed over the past few years will be put into action in the most exuberant way.  If there is anything that is blocking you from fully embracing these words as truth, I implore that you set down any weight from the past and delight in this new phase of your unfolding, if only for the simple fact that what existed then is completely irrelevant NOW.

Now is a new moment.  Now is a fresh start.  Now is a dawning of a new sunrise that is incomparable to anything you have every experienced before… the gift of the present that is before you right now, is as unique and as precious as you are.  Honor the beauty of the opening of a new door that can take you to the most magical places by immersing yourself in this moment completely.  Honor the wonder of this gift of the infinite possibilities that are at your fingertips if you only choose to reach out and grab them.  The only way to take hold of something new is to let go of the old.

Let’s play a game of Simon says.  I am SIMON and being that I am SIMON, you MUST do as I say… LOL Ready??? :)

Tighten your fists at this moment and imagine they are surrounded by little flying enchanted cards that have the words greater love, greater works, greater peace, greater abundance, and so forth written on them.  These flying enchanted cards will manifest in your life if you reach out and grab them… in order to receive you have to let go and be open. So Simon says to open your fists and LET GO of anything you may have been holding on to from your past… any mediocre or negative thing.

When the clock struck twelve on January 1, I hope you dropped everything that no longer served you in expectation of receiving greater.  YOUR TIME IS NOW and your job is to faithfully walk into all that God has prepared you for.

This year I decided to go to church and bring in the New Year praising God for the wonder of 2014 and in gratitude for what is on the horizon.  The pastor said something so marvelous that I have been meditating on it all day.  The pastor said, “when God moves, you move with him.”  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in where God WAS we neglect to pay attention to where Spirit is.

In this season of abundance and prosperity, position yourself where God is, starting by emptying yourself of all that which no longer serves you.  We are designed to move.  We are designed to evolve. We are designed for change and growth.  We are built to move forward and when we live our lives in that fashion there is this momentum.  This forward momentum is what delivers us to our greatness, our abundance, our more!  WOOHOO!

When we begin to live MORE, when we are constantly moving forward, we in turn become more (higher and greater versions of ourselves) and manifest more.  Creating and being more is the path to true happiness.  The more you are and the more you do, the richer your life, the greater your joy.  But being and doing must always live together as one.  To try to be much and not try to do much, is to find life a barren waste.  To try to do much and not try to be much is to find life a burden too heavy and wearisome to bear.  However, you but the BRAKES on all of this colorful blooming and greatness when you STOP and look back.  You put a halt to abundance when you don’t MOVE where GOD moves.

Do not fear that you will lack any such thing by clinging to the past.  Relax your fists and open your hands to receive your inheritance in 2015 and beyond.  Are you ready?  Do you BELIEVE there is something greater ahead than what was in the past?  Are you ready to let go and let God?

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Tamala Baldwin

We are all born with incredible gifts and my purpose is to help as many along this journey of mine to remember their position of honor and royalty through inspirational, Christian-based media.
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