16 10, 2014

Why live? What’s the Point?

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Why do anything? Why  grow? Why sacrifice? Why push? Why…? The seasons are changing, its darker sooner, its chilly and all we want to do is cuddle up and binge watch fall TV or fall asleep to a good book….ooh [...]

8 10, 2014

Trusting Your Journey

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  Have you ever thought to yourself - I am not where I thought I would be at this stage in my life. Where did I go wrong? Why didn't things work out? Why and how did I end up [...]

2 10, 2014


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No matter what your passion, dream, or goal is in life, at some point you will probably face rejection. You will probably hear the word no! It's all just a part of the journey called life. It's all just a [...]

29 09, 2014

Accepting The Calling

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I titled this introductory post, "Accepting the Calling" because we each have a special calling upon our lives.  It is not by mistake that we are here, for we all have a purpose and have been blessed with gifts and [...]

26 09, 2014


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 Is there something that you are deathly afraid of? Is there something that you desperately want to try, but are too afraid of doing?  I’m here to tell you that you have nothing to fear and why!  Here it is…from [...]

22 09, 2014

Are You Going To Answer The Divine Call God Has For Your Life?

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Each and every one of us is born with a purpose. No matter what you may think, the truth of the matter is that each of us is born to contribute our divine gifts to the betterment of the world. [...]