30 10, 2014

Setting Firm Boundaries

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Yes. No. Let me see. Maybe. Setting boundaries is one of the most complicated and challenging demands of a single mother. You are the lone ranger leading pack. It comes down to clear communication. As a mother of a 17 [...]

7 10, 2014

Ask Kimberly…

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Ques: What can one do to capture the one young lady whom I've loved well over 30 years. How would I be able to win her heart and make her my beautiful wife? Her schedule is very busy, the distance [...]

26 09, 2014

Paper or Plastic: What Are You Worth?

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Sit back and let me school you a little bit. Class is now in session. Let’s evaluate whether you are fake and phony or whether you have tapped into what your purpose is. We all know somebody that dresses to impress, lives to impress and eventually will die trying [...]

22 09, 2014


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Many women skip the main ingredient for having a successful relationship and that starts with loving you first. If you find yourself in/out of relationships wondering what went wrong. It may be time to perfect your recipe for a healthy [...]

20 09, 2014

Should He Be Your Baby Daddy With Street Positive!

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No topic is off limits this episode from our first season!   It is one of my most FAVORITE episodes and Terry is someone I now consider to be a mentor.  We touch on a lot of sensitive issues like, fatherlessness, teen [...]