14 10, 2014

Feeling Blue? Simply MOVE

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Everything in Life changes and one of our missions in life should be to live in harmony with all that is happening around us. Since we are having a human experience, this isn’t always the case – us living in perfect harmony [...]

12 10, 2014

Defeated No More : Time-is-a-Wasting

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Do you ever have days when you just don’t feel confident about yourself? Everyone has moments when they doubt themselves. Despite how you may feel, the truth is that God has something tremendous planned for your life. Although you may [...]

10 10, 2014

Soul Kisses On The Daily: Day Fifteen

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You are made from Love.  You come from Love.  You are surrounded and immersed in Love.  Our environment or our conditions can create the illusion that this is not the case, but there is an abundance of Love charging through [...]

9 10, 2014

Permission Granted to Eat Ice Cream

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Raise your hand if you ever feel guilty that you do not do enough. Raise your hand if you put your kids’ wants before yours. Raise your hand if you wish you could just have a few moments with peace [...]

9 10, 2014

Ask Kimberly…

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Ques:  I'm feeling down, just when one thing is going great the other part is so empty. I've been single for three years by choice because my Ex cheated on me and I decided to let it be just me [...]

9 10, 2014

Who Am I? A Guide to Rediscovering Yourself

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Who…am… I? I think that is the age old question that we find ourselves asking time and time again! But appropriately so, we are a constantly evolving people we should take inventory of who we are; what is important to [...]

7 10, 2014

Honoring The Gift Of You

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You Are A Gift To The World You are the spirit force that gathers, all that is unique and captivating for the soul. Honor your divine inner spirit as it is unfolding into your priceless heart of gold, for you are [...]

7 10, 2014

Ask Kimberly…

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Ques: What can one do to capture the one young lady whom I've loved well over 30 years. How would I be able to win her heart and make her my beautiful wife? Her schedule is very busy, the distance [...]

6 10, 2014

12 Tips To Living A Happy Life – From Christian D. Larson

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We are trying something new here at Soul Kisses TV.  From this day forward, Thursday is going to be Tip Day.  To jump startTip Day, I wanted to share 12 Tips To Living A Happy Life For All Of Your Days from one of [...]

2 10, 2014

Leading with Love, Passion, and Ambition as a Single Mother

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Hello Soul Kissers! Muah! I am thrilled and honored to be back in the mix with Tamala, her fantastic team and especially…YOU! I have so much to share with you, I can barely contain my excitement. A little about me [...]