If you follow me on any social media you know that I am pretty transparent and I think this is what allows me to meet so many awesome people.  When 2014 was coming to an end, Felicia Malone, author of the inspirational book, Ruth’s Awakening invited me to read her novel.  Being that I am an avid reader that is often times found at a bar with a glass of wine in one hand, and a book in the other I jumped at the opportunity to read her book.

FeliciaRevisionFinalTo be honest, I was especially drawn to the title simply because I studied the book of Ruth earlier in the year.  The story of Ruth is not only a love story where she ends up living happily ever after, Ruth is a woman who possessed and expressed so many awesome virtues – virtues I try to develop more and more in my nature day in and day out, especially that one called PATIENCE.  Oh man, that bloody patience.  Ruth was so smooth with exercising patience.  When it came to dealing with her mother in law, to navigating being in a new lang and simply  coping with the unseen – she was so patient and faithful.  She is a great example for both men and women in my opinion.  Needless to say, this played a major factor in my excitement in reading this book.

And my oh my, how I was not disappointed and the leading lady in Ruth’s Awakening definitely had a TON of attributes like our biblical example.  I say that because there were moments in the story where Michelle, our Ruth, our leading lady, would simply turn the other cheek. I mean, she wouldn’t say a PEEP at some things that would have definitely cased me to HOLLAR! I thought I was a good girl, but the main character in this book, is the quintessential good girl.  It made me wonder if such a woman REALLY existed and if it is something I truly aspire to be.  Michelle was so patient and giving to the point I oftentimes found myself wishing she had a little more fight.  Then I would be rooting for her awakening in the next paragraph! It was an interesting back and forth in emotions if I must say so myself.

Outside of our lady in waiting Michelle, the other supporting characters are also well developed and each played an awesome role in the movement of this story.  The best friend is trifling but wants what we all want, which is to be loved but we have no idea what that really looks like.  The leading man has it all together on the outside but still makes the same mistakes over and over and over… making these characters so easy to relate to.

It was a quick read and I very much enjoyed it.  The book ended leaving me for more.  I see at least three more books to this story and I hope the author gets to writing as soon as possible for fans like me that are wondering how Michelle is going to evolve and mature.

Felicia, the author of Ruth’s Awakening was kind enough to answer a few questions about the inspiration behind this book.  I invite you to take a read:

1622283_10152679785585884_1978576201_o (1)1. What inspired this story and what was the chief aim in writing of this work?

I am inspired by God-loving church girls like me who faithfully wait for our happy ending. I wanted to write a story showcasing the type of women I have grown up with whose stories are not showcased by mainstream media. I want those women to know that their lives, their story and their struggles matter.

2. Why did you go with the name Ruth for the title? What does it mean to you?

Ruth is a well-known heroine in the Bible. Her story is one of faithful service in the midst of trying circumstances. Her struggle was the means to her breakthrough. Ruth’s tale is also a biblical love story. I see Ruth as a woman who personifies perseverence, faith and love.

3. Which character do you identify with most?

Hmm, well, I should plead the fifth on this one. lol. I am most like the story’s antoganist Michelle but my alter ego is definitely Kaila.

4. What is the lesson you would want readers to walk away with after reading your book?

That love is a godly pursuit. It can be beautiful and taxing but it is so worth it. Never compromise your core values but also be willing to take a chance.

5. Is there going to be a part two?

Yes!!! Of course!

FeliciaRevisionFinalThe minute I finished reading the book I told Felicia that this would be an AMAZING movie and to immediately write a part two.  Please support this talented writer by purchasing her book.  You can get your copy on Amazon with just a few clicks.  Pick it up Ruth’s Awakening here!

About Felicia Malone

Felicia Michelle Malone is a writer, blogger and singer originally from Chicago, Illinois. She authors the lifestyle blog at www.talulazapple.com, as well as, a fitness blog at www.getfitwithfe.com. Felicia has served as the Marketing Chair for the National Black MBA Association’s DFW Chapter. She was honored to be a semi-finalist in the Proctor & Gamble’s 2014 My Black Is Beautiful’s Ambassador search. Felicia holds a Bachelors of Science in Journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Dallas. She now resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

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