Share Your Gifts This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving just two days away this soulful gift is a reminder that not everyone is in a place of Happiness.  While many look forward to the Holiday Season, there are some who are fighting the Holiday Blues.  If you are blessed to be in good spirits share your gifts by sprinkling a little love this Holiday Season with an individual and/or family who may be having a difficult time.

My gift to you is (5) tips to turn what may seem like the lowest point of life into trusting the process and giving yourself the gift of Self-Love. 

(1)    Accept your feelings– The Holiday Season can be a stressful time. However, if you don’t allow others to place high expectations on you. Your Season will be less complicated.

(2)    Give the Gift of Self– There is no better feeling than Paying It Forward. Although, God’s direction is to love thy neighbor on a daily basis. Many aren’t in a position to do so, but it’s not about what you can do monetarily. But what you are able to do unselfishly. Giving of your time is a priceless opportunity to paying it forward for your community and for God. Contact a local non-profit organization such as Salvation Army, your local Mission, churches, schools and/or even posting an “I like to Pay It Forward Post” to your social media account. I bet you will receive many replies as to how you are able to give the gift of self unselfishly to someone else.

(3)    Talk to Someone– I’m a firm believer that you should “Know Thy Circle” before sharing deep rooted details with friends, family and associates.  Everyone around you isn’t for you, so make sure to listen to the whispers within you before divulging concerns that run close to the heart. Find someone you UN-conditionally trust and convey to them what you are feeling. Discussing how you’re feeling will not only be therapeutic, but a healing process that will soothe your soul.  Should you not feel comfortable speaking with someone just yet.  Purchase a journal and write your feelings down as soon as they come to you. Once you journal the feeling; write a positive affirmation to turn it around.  The words you profess inside and out loud will manifest into your day-to-day. If you speak with opposition on a daily basis the Universe can’t manifest goodness. The universe knows you are worthy of greatness, but also wants you to be grateful of the blessings given.  You may also send a question to Ask Kimberly and I’ll answer it anonymously.

(4)    Start a Selfless Tradition– If the Holiday Season triggers Holiday Blues, than turn it around by doing what you would want done unto you. I.e.  Visit your frequent Barista  and provide them a spa gift card with a note attached expressing how you appreciate the warm welcome you receive each week and you want them to enjoy the same feeling with a soulful massage, manicure and/or pedicure during the Holiday.

(5)    Recognize the Signs of Holiday Blues- The Holiday Blues are often temporary, but should be addressed if persist the same time every year.  Usually there is something deeper that has sat doormat until the next Holiday Season or something triggers a flashback of an unsettling feeling.

Feeling restless, tired, wanting to sleep all the time

Change in appetite or no appetite at all

Crying Often

Feeling worthless, helpless and/or guilty

Drinking excessively

Isolating yourself from the world

Thoughts of death or suicide

Food for the Holiday Soul:  Trust the process of healing that needs to take place. In order to learn you better, that may require time with self.  Know that through faith and patience we inherit the promise.  Once we show & sow mercy unselfishly, the greatest gift received, will be a place of Unconditional Happiness within you 24/7

Until next time live FABULOUS…

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