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This is your year. Its time to live the life you always dreamt of. 2014 might not have turned out to be everything you desired, but as long as you have breath. God has granted you another day to claim your victory. No one said the footsteps would be easy to achieve a life that’s FABULOUS. Regardless of what did or didn’t happen in 2014, its time to stand strong and do the work. Reaching your dreams, takes work.

This Powerful Q & A with “Beverly Broadus-Green” Author, Evangelist and the Mother to Rapper/Hip-Hop Artist Snoop Dogg.  Ask Kimberly discusses with Evangelist Broadus-Green love, strength, wisdom and the true essence of a “A Mothers Love”

Ques:    You state in your Bio “As I matured in life, church was still a big part of my life. I started feeling depressed and lonely. I began to think about my salvation, I didn’t realize how I had separated myself from God’s word and love over the past years.” Depression has been a focused for Soul Kisses TV this Season.  Extremely silent but, current in the world today.   Please explain to our readers the importance of loving yourself and God and how it can transform your life.

Answer: I was looking for love in all the wrong places. I would go out partying whenever I felt like it. I was approaching 28; pregnant with 2 sons and another on the way. I began to sit and think about my life, and wonder where I would go from here. After my Son was born I continue to go to Church, and sing in the Choir. My baby daddy would do things to me so we would fight. But let me tell you Kimberly, I said “I am sick of this relationship that wasn’t going anywhere.” The next morning I had a meeting with the Lord, He said do you want to be saved or go to prison?  I accepted the Lord as my Savior and profoundly Thank God for his grace & mercy toward me.

Ques:  Please define and describe Real Love. What should it look and feel like?

Answer: Real Love is, the Agape Love that God has for us. It’s unconditional. God sent His Son Jesus into the world, so that we might have eternal life through Him. (Romans 5:5). That’s Real Love. God has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love. (Romans 8:35-39). Nothing can ever separate us from God’s Love. You see, God loves us so much that He personally paid the Ultimate price to redeem us by sending His Son Jesus to die for our sins. That’s Real Love.

We can know His love by acknowledging our needs for Salvation and Forgiveness and then seeking to know Him deeply. As we seek God, His Love will become more and more familiar to us. That’s Real Love.  (St. Matthew 10:42). That if you will give even a cup of water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded, also by showing our love to needy people whom God loves, that’s Real Love.

Ques:    What was it like raising four sons during a time when you were still discovering yourself?

Answer: It wasn’t hard raising my Sons. I raised them just like my Mom raised me. I’ve heard some people complain about parenting; that it doesn’t come with instructions. But, I beg to differ.  When God set us upon this earth, he expected parents and children to be around each other a lot. To spend time with one another so a parent’s wisdom can be passed on to our children.  Not only wisdom; skill, ideas, ways of thinking and good habits. We should develop a relationship of mutual trust with our children, in the process of caring for them and meeting their physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological needs. We should encourage and say complimentary words to them as often as possible to build upon their self-esteem and confidence. We should always remember not to lay undue emphasis on their weak points because the life of our children is pattern after ours. Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words they become your actions; watch your actions they become your habits; watch your habits they become your character; watch your character it becomes your destiny.

You see children are a gift from God. A blessing to the family and society, that’s why God’s word says “Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord; And the fruit of the womb is his reward. (Psalm 127:3).  Most importantly being a parent we must live our life in faith.  It is our responsibility to train our children and all that is included in the ways of the Lord. God placed parenting as a priority and it should be a priority for us as well. There is nothing in the Bible that’s going to take away that principle.  God’s message from the beginning “Let there be light”; to the very end of the Bible where He says “Here’s Eternal”. It’s about His Parenting .So that means that our lives should have the same principle, that same feeling of importance about parenting.

Ques: What are some values you think are important to raise children in today’s society?  And how can a Parent implement those values without outside forces intervening?

Answer: I feel that you have to live your life full of love, kindness and forgiveness. We can’t let our flesh ruled our emotions. If we are going to obey the Bible we have to let the inward man rule, so we can be kind to our children and anyone else. We have to live our life around our children in a godly way, so they can see the God in you .It’s only when we “put on the armor of Christ” and make no provision for the flesh. As parents we need to forgive our children no matter how hard it might be so we are able to forgive them as God for Christ’s sake forgives us.

Ques: If you could change one thing from the past; what would it be?

Answer: I wished that I would have listen to my Mom about dating or even marrying a man that drinks gets drunk and then violence My Mother always said that she didn’t want my Dad to go anywhere with her especially when he’s drinking. Growing up I thought drinking would be a lot of fun, because of the way my Dad carried on.

Eighteen and pregnant with my oldest Son I met this guy on the Naval Base. He escorted me to my prom in a short time had falling in love with me and wanted to be my Son’s Dad.  After my Son was born we decided to move together. Drinking became an issue for both of us however, a year later we still married. The relationship became unbearable after having my second Son. It got worst which resulted in me leaving the marriage. I found myself repeating the same cycle in my other relationships; meeting Men that drink and smoked weed.  After a while I was drinking more and picked up the habit of smoking weed. After 5 years I said “enough was enough.”  A life lesson I had to learn the hard way. Finally one day I realize that I was a better woman than that; just sit back and let God send me my king. But most of all I remembered the way my Mom raised me.  These words always stayed to the forefront of my mind “You are strong women who deserves better than letting men put you down.”  My Mom is my Hero…I love you Muh Dear.

Ques: Do you think you have found your purpose in life and why?

Answer: I have always been a talker where everyone would listen, but after God called me to be an Evangelist; I was afraid and imitated by those who were more educated in the Word of God. However, my God told me that He didn’t call the qualified, but He qualified the call. From that point on I have been running for Jesus like never before. God has showed Favor to me because I am obedient, loving, forgiving, humble, kind, full of joy and peace in the Name of Jesus. I love the Lord because He first loved me… He said many are called but few are chosen, that’s when He said I called you and I choose you to be a “Woman after God’s own heart.” To help woman who have been in an abusive relationship; to mentor our youth and young ladies self-esteem.

My goal is to help our women, youth and young adults to get them the help they need. Talk to them and let them know that no matter what God loves you; God is a forgiving God that sits high and looks low. Those who may have been molested by their family members, Incest has been prevalent as far back to the Bible days. No one wants to talk about it but as God continues to give me the strength and power I will be there to do more for others.  To get them to see who God is, and that all you have to do is call on the Name of Jesus. He will be there for you; He will never leave us nor forsake us. God touched me and said I love you my child, I got you; I saved you 34 years ago, you’ve been an Evangelist for 9 years, and a “National Evangelist” for 6 years. He said look where I brought you from. He brought me out of Sin and Shame, and if He did it for me He will do the same for you. This is so powerful my sister Kimberly.

And the Church says Amen, Amen…God Is Good. How can I even move on to the next question but let’s.

Ques: Please share with the Soul Kisses readers a few words of wisdom to jump start their 2015.

Answer: You will need a closer relationship with God, you must spend time with the Lord, you must worship God in spite of your feelings, you must have faith to believe that the Bible contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners and the happiness of believers. Then you must believe God’s doctrines are holy, His precepts are binding, His histories are true and His decisions are immutable. You must read the Word to be wise, believe it to be safe and practice it to be holy. Enjoy the salvation of the Lord.

Ques: As a prominent mother, spirit filled Evangelist, and Author about love; what’s in store for you in 2015?

Answer: Oh My God has removed so many people from my life, some that claim they were my friend. I asked God to put them in my face so that I will know who they are.  The answer God presented hurt so badly; to think that this person supported me, but all the time they were using me. It wasn’t until God opened my eyes to see him, then I was like Lord why did you put this person in my life? He said because he can’t go where you are going. He said would you want him in your life when you get to the next level? If he stole from you with little money what do you think he would do with a whole lot of money? I said thank You Lord.

God is positioning me for 2015 it’s so powerful where He is taking me. He said all that you went through you never gave up, even when you thought this person was for you.  I cried but never gave up, even when some Pastors wouldn’t elevate me. God said my child you never gave up, when the kids were acting mean to you, you never gave up, when you lost your baby sister Gail you cried you had sleepless nights, you couldn’t understand why? Until God made it clear that it’s been appointed once that man must die. You never gave up, when you were lonely and had no one to talk to, you never gave up. God said I was there with you all the way even when you felt weak. I made you strong, remember King David went through it all he never gave up, I called him a man after God’s own heart, so daughter you will be such a powerful woman of God, that’s why I called you a “Woman after God’s own heart” “2015” is right around the Corner…”To God Be the Glory”

What an electrifying testimony of Real Love. Evangelist Broadus-Green is a remarkably strong woman and that explains the strength that exudes in Snoop Dogg.  If you had one take away from reading the Ask Kimberly Q & A “A Mothers Love” I pray that it would be to recognize that “Perception Isn’t Always Reality”  Nothing comes easy in life and achieving a goal or dream takes work. I’m sure many have heard the saying you can’t have a testimony without a TEST. God will take his strongest students through trials & mountains of TEST.  For when you reach your Victory; you will be worthy of the reward.  As you enter “2015” stand strong through all the trials & mountains you encounter and know that when you trust the process. It opens up a whole new perspective.

“Know your STRENGTH for it’s the FOUNDATION that either seals or sinks life’s BLUEPRINT.” ~Kimberly Clark
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