Ques:  I’m feeling down, just when one thing is going great the other part is so empty. I’ve been single for three years by choice because my Ex cheated on me and I decided to let it be just me and GOD.  Yes, career is paying off but my personal life is empty. I just found out I have less than four years to have children. I know God is with me, but sometimes I really feel like I’m alone. Yes, I’m strong for everyone else, but so weak for myself at times.  How does that happen sister? I don’t understand how someone can be so strong but so weak! Please pray for me.


Dear Never Alone:

Answer:  Stay in Faith and KNOW that when things get bumpy there is a breakthrough on the way. God is preparing something wonderful for you, but he wants to make sure you are ready as well. There is still work that needs to take place within you.  Be obedient and TRUST the process. Being a supporter of others is a blessing; however you can’t continue to give of yourself if it depletes your spirit. There is a plan manifesting and often time’s individuals who you allow in your life aren’t meant to be there for a lifetime. Some come into play to teach us and move on.  Your Ex was just that… to teach you that you deserve more than he was capable of giving. God blessed you by moving him on. “That was your first blessing” You may not understand it now, but when the additional blessing appears you will get it.

It’s OK to be single…embrace your gifts and talents and soar as a single woman. You and You only are the key to your own happiness. A mate can add value to make life more rewarding, but should you not have someone special in your life doesn’t mean you are less worthy of being a WOMAN.  Learn to love and be content with you. Once you have mastered this your third blessing will be on its way.  Moving forward please keep this in mind. “Not everyone deserves to occupy your air space. Know when it’s time to take a deep breath and blow them far ~far away. This goes for ALL relationships whether personal or professional.  Until than master  the GREATNESS that is in you.  I will keep you in covered prayers and please keep me updated on your progress.

Until next time live FABULOUS.

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