Ques: Beyoncé has a song entitled Halo! How many Halos can one have in a lifetime?


Dear Halo in Waiting:

Answer: Depending on your interpretation of the song Halo, it can signify many meanings. I.e. Life verses after life. Over our lifetime I believe the Universe blesses each of us with numerous Halos. Halos that protect and guide us as we are here on earth and/or an individual who’s aurora that has over taken you with an Essence of Love feeling.  The Essence of Love signifies comfort, calmness and an UN-conditional love for another individual.  Here is where the Halo effect can turn the tables of what may be a missed window of Opportunity.  I truly believe people enter your life sometimes for a reason, season and possibly a lifetime.   A REASON:  to show us the mirror image of self; A SEASON: of growth or for an Essence of Love LIFETIME.  Regardless, the divine plan is surrounded by a guiding light, that is magnified by one thing ~ LOVE. One may not understand this philosophical finding, but the Universe always has a divine plan that works out for the greater good.

The questioned presented lets me know you might feel you have loss out on your Halo window of opportunity. Keep in mind when we allow our Ego to over step into God’s Universal Intentions, this creates a barrier of “what ifs.”  An individual isn’t always prepared or ready for their love “Halo” when encounter, but they can be a generous Halo in life.  God’s love is not Exclusive it’s Inclusive. So let your light shine.  “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16 KJV

The moment you become aware of the calmness in you, is the moment you will let the barriers fall and graciously embrace your love Halo.

Until next time live FABULOUS…

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Until next time live FABULOUS...
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Ask Kimberly…Have a Beauty, Fashion, Relationship, Wedding or Lifestyle question, please email our lifestyle expert. If you like to be kept anonymous please state so in your initial email.