Ques: What can one do to capture the one young lady whom I’ve loved well over 30 years. How would I be able to win her heart and make her my beautiful wife? Her schedule is very busy, the distance is great, but my love has no boundaries.


Dear Faithfully in Love:

Answer: MY, that is truly a long time to pine overs someone. I appreciate the fondness that has captured your heart. It sounds like you are in communication with this young, which is a good start. Building a solid foundation as friends is equally important before pursuing a romantic relationship.  Although, the love you have professed for this individual has had plenty of time to simmer. You have just reached the point of boiling over.

After thirty years I hope you would have expressed your feelings to her. However, if you haven’t I can honestly say “More than likely she respects your presence as a friend. “ I know this might be difficult to hear, but it’s better to have her as a long time friend than nothing at all.  You can’t make someone fall in love with you no matter how strong your feelings are. Don’t let how you feel make you forget what you deserve. Pleas believe I am all for love and loving hard doesn’t always come out on top. You deserve to find your queen and although this individual may not carry the same feelings as you. She has proven her friend commitment to you for the last thirty years.  Be blessed to stand faithfully in the presence of that.

I stand in agreement that your “Faithfully in Love “story ends in the palace. You are destine to share your love with a woman who can equally commit to the same UN-conditional love with no boundaries. Trust the process that what is for you, will be for you.  Should it not happen as you plan, that just means God sees something better in your future. Trust God by allowing him to lead you to your faithfully love.

Until next time live FABULOUS…

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