Soul Kisses TV is completely open to exploring ways to promote your business, service or product that we find 100% valuable to our audience.  Your victory is our victory, so please feel free to shoot us an email to talk in more detail and come up with an ideal solution to promote your brand, mission or product.  Advertising with Soul Kisses TV provides you with the chance to:

Engage with your target audience

Connect with the socially and spiritually conscious that are looking for products and resources that empower them to live life more authentically

Gain awareness and visibility  among woman and people of color

Align your product to one of the fastest emerging issue/cause-related online communities for women and people of color

Create social media campaigns with a growing social media portal for the spiritual and social conscious woman.

Receive real time feedback from your target market

Online Sponsorship

Similar to many that reach out to Soul Kisses TV, you are a progressive, socially conscious entrepreneur who believes we are creative masters that possess great power to provoke incredible change in our worldYou are anchored in the conviction of collaboration and intent to use your natural gifts to bring social, economic and spiritual change not only through our business pursuits but desire to contribute to the greater good in every area of your life.   

At Soul Kisses TV, we have established a small business program that allows us to help give back to the nonprofits, organizations and individuals who have shown us so much love and support throughout this journey. As an blossoming online entertainment destination, we completely understand how difficult it can be to generate awareness and the necessary visibility you need to grow. With that in mind, we would love to be an outlet to assist you in getting your brand, business, mission, product or service in front of those that would LOVE what you have to offer.  For Small Business Monthly Advertising opportunities, we offer: Monthly 125 x 125 Sponsorship Squares – $50 

Soul Kissed Readers

The Soul Kisses TV reader is rooted in their core values and is passionate about spirituality, self-mastery and awareness, the environment, mentoring and the education of our youth, and family.

The Soul Kisses TV enjoys nurturing meaningful relationships, discovering higher ideals while fostering a sense of balance in life. The Soul Kisses TV reader is open-minded and willingly volunteers their time to organizations that advocate for causes that matter especially those relating to women and children, societal issues, and cultural diversity.

The Soul Kisses TV is interested in products and services that reflect their personal and core values and supports businesses that are in alignment with these values.

If you are ready to connect with our Spiritually and Social Conscious readers please feel free to email us at to get started today.