As a single mother, I am in control of nearly every aspect of my life and my kids’ lives (there’s that 5% I allow them to handle). From how they present themselves when they walk of the house to what we are having for dinner on a Friday night.

I know you do too. And it can be highly intense on a daily basis.

We frantically strive to “make things happen” while maintaining our cool, calm, and collectiveness. BUT. While we are wearing our super mom cape to make the world go ’round, our very own happiness can be zapped, opportunities are robbed and we tend to alienate those around us.

Then the feeling of defeat sets in. Right?

Surrendering is the surprisingly missing piece to your life that will create joy and lively abundance. Start with these FOUR steps:

ONE: Leave a little space in your day. For You. By giving yourself just an ounce of “me” time, you open the door to restoring your energy and clearing your mind. Spend this time to rejuvenate. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and focus on something that makes your heart beat with happiness. Then carry this feeling with you. You will be amazed at how this helps.

TWO: Cheer on the naysayers. You will ALWAYS be surrounded by people who want to tear your building down. Their hurtful words can hinder your thoughts and make you want to step down. Instead of allowing their words to penetrate your constant thoughts, give them a high for noticing your actions and wish them well. Just speaking the words creates a positive vibe that will continue to attract positiveness in your day.

THREE: Love your tears. Most women I know refuse to cry because it is perceived as as sign of weakness. I am going to tell you a hidden secret. Tears are healthy and are perfectly normal. They are a part of a healing process. It is your body communicating with you to release stress, anxiety, or even grief. Letting go of pent up tension is a good thing. Let your tears flow.

FOUR: You have the answers. Recently, I had to make a decision for my daughter. I turned to my friends for help to make a decision I already had. I just felt I needed validation and wanted to keep saying, “I don’t know what to do.” Sometimes, no amount of consulting, brainstorming, or analyzing will give us the answer because we already have the answer. Trust yourself and your “gut” feeling.

Every day — go at your own pace. Sometimes pushing too hard just bites you in the tush and that is never a good thing. Letting go can foster unexpected joy and endless prosperity. You got this and I believe in you.

Sang D.

Sang D is a writer, speaker, and prolific tweeter who helps people tell their story with confidence and brevity. Her forte? Helping you pin down the right words to share your message, tell your story, connect with your audience to change lives — not through intimidation and pressure, but through happiness and love. When she’s not writing for her amazingly fabulous clients, or working on writings of her own, she can be found sashaying through coffee shops that serve salted caramel mocha’s. To work with Sang, request an interview or speaking engagements, please her at or on her website at

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